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    10 Things All Makeup Snobs Totally Get

    The power of makeup is not to be underestimated, and if you're a makeup snob, we totally get it because, hint-hint, we are too. Makeup products are not only there to make you look good, but to feel good as well, inside and out! Using makeup is a great way to maintain a healthy skin, since it can prevent breakouts, decrease wrinkles and reduce skin irritation. On top of that, its effect even expands to a psychological level. Makeup plays a large role at boosting your confidence, increasing happiness, and reducing your anxiety.

    If you're wondering if you really are a makeup snob, let's just take a moment and be okay with it. For starters, there is NOTHING wrong with planning our your next makeup purchase the actual second you paycheck lands into your bank account. And--to be real, we feel like that's the starting bond from one makeup snob to the next. If you live and breathe for the day you will finally get to try that new mascara, foundation, or magnetic eyelash...we're here to tell you, it's ok, we're with you babe. If 

    If you're in makeup snobbery denial, we made an entire checklist for you to see if in fact you really are nailing the makeup obsessed snob situation. If at the end you can identify with half of these, then, we're all in it to win it. Check out the list below and see which one reflects your character the most!

    1. To you, make up is not just about looks.

    You enjoy the newly found confidence makeup gives you, as well as its therapeutic effect that makes your anxiety dissipate.

    1. Expensive makeup is not always the best.

    While a designer mascara can be three times more expensive than drugstore products, we all know by experience that it does not necessarily mean that it is better. In the cosmetics world, the price isn’t an indicator of quality.

    1. You care more about the quality of makeup than the quantity.

    Having few products you trust is ten times better than having a lot of cheap products you never use.

    1. You have a wish list that never fits in the paycheck.

    There are always new products in the makeup world. Thus, you find yourself constantly adding items to your list that you may never be able to afford.

    1. Losing your makeup products for any cause is your worst nightmare.

    You just spent half your salary (or most of it but ‘shhhh’) so you can get those products. The last thing you want is seeing that money going to waste.

    1. Cheaper alternatives are nice, but the original product always seems cooler.

    Desperate times call for desperate decisions. Yet, there’s hope you will afford the original ones on the next paycheck.

    1. Checking your bank account is one of your biggest fears.

    You went to the mall and bought four other products more than planned. No wonder you’ve been avoiding checking your bank account for over a week now.

    1. You continuously receive comments about your spending on makeup.

    Be it a family gathering or a friends’ reunion, you are known for being top spender on cosmetics. But hey, as long as the bills are paid, it’s no one’s business, right?

    1. You only buy products after you’ve done your research.

    Impulsively buying cosmetic products you’ve never learned about before is not a risk you’re willing to take. You only make the purchase after reading a thousand reviews and articles about it.

    1. You don’t feel bad about being called the ‘makeup snob’.

    After all, it does reflect the reality…kind of. What matters is that you love buying beauty products and you never feel guilty about it! Happy makeup shopping, beauty!


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