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    2019 Instagram Worthy Spring Makeup Trends

    2019 Instagram worthy Spring makeup trends are coming in hot, and about to take over our feeds with glowing skin, gorgeous lashes, and bright, bold lipstick. We thought you might want to see what fresh looks top makeup artists are showing us for Spring that has made us stop in our tracks and do a double take. We aren’t waiting for flowers to start blooming to rock these fun looks and we don’t think you should either. Here is a peek at what we are drooling over for spring 2019 makeup trends for skin, eyes, and lips.

    2019 Instagram Worthy Spring Makeup Trends: Skin

    Gone are the day’s of matte skin trends, we are back to dewy highlights and natural hints of bronze. Scrolling through the top IG makeup artist’s to follow, you will find endless images of envy-worthy skin. We’re talking flawless skin with subtle highlights and the unmasking of what’s unique to your skin like freckles and that cute beauty mark. Less is actually more for Spring 2019 skin trends for makeup.

    Touch of Pink

    Monochromatic pink blush, eyeshadow and lips shades paired together is a simple and stunning look this spring season. We love this makeup look because it can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your mood. Plus, if you like to keep your makeup routine as uncomplicated as possible, this is the look for you. After you are finished applying your blush, tap some onto your lower eyelid with a flat eyeshadow brush and blend it into your crease. Make sure you have a similar lipstick color to pull this entire look together.

    Radiant Skin

    Having glowing, radiant and healthy skin will always be on trend for every season and fun fact, anyone can rock this look. Add a touch of highlighter above your cheekbones, above your brows, cupids bow, and the center of your chin for that “glow from within” Instagram worthy makeup look.

    Bronze and Tan

    Let’s pretend you went on a walk on a warm spring day and the flowers were blooming, puppies were frolicking in the freshly cut grass, and the sun came out and kissed you. That’s what this bronze and tan simple spring makeup trend is supposed to be all about. Here are a few sun-kissed makeup looks we rounded up from Instagram.

    2019 Instagram Worthy Spring Makeup Trends: Eye Makeup

    An eyeshadow disaster can make or break a makeup look in our opinion. We are obsessed with way’s to make the eyes pop (hello, magnetic eyeliner and lashes) and staying on-trend of course. Spring is the perfect time to start playing with bold eyeshadow colors in small doses if you want to. But also, if you don’t want to, the natural look is in too. So, it’s a win for everyone.

                                         La-La Lashes

    Gorgeous, fierce, and full lashes are everywhere on Instagram for spring 2019 makeup trends. And- if you weren’t “born with it”, no worries; we’ve got you covered.  You can get the look of premium lash extensions in seconds with MOXIELASH magnetic eyeliner and lashes. It’s a game changer.

    Golden Tones

    Let’s talk about golden eyeshadow tones meant to give your eyes a hint of glam while you strut your feminine power suit (with Louis Vuitton heels of course) to the office. This modestly glam, gold-tinted eye makeup look is quick, glamorous, and anything but boring. In fact, this eyeshadow trend might be one of our favorites.

    80’s Neon Flashback

    Neon yellow, neon blue, neon eyeshadow, in general, is an up and coming, hot makeup trend for spring 2019. If you are feeling bold, add your favorite shade of neon eyeshadow to your entire eyelid, or try the trend by popping on some neon eyeliner instead. You never know, this 80’s flashback makeup vibe might be everything you never knew you needed in your life. You are welcome if it is.

    Barely Smoky Eye

    Maybe you want to try a smoky eye, but you are a little scared at the same time from previous dark eyeshadow attempts. We get it.  Those “easy” smoky eye makeup tutorials on Youtube can feel like a lie. But, this barely smoky eye trend is more like a dark eyeshadow smudge, and it’s not perfect looking either. To get the look, use a dark cream eyeshadow stick and apply a tiny bit to your entire lower eyelid, then use your fingertips and blend it into the crease of your eye. Again, with this look, perfection is overrated.

    Au Naturale

    This Au-Naturale makeup trend for Spring 2019 is like the saving grace for the quick beauty fanatic. Think modern; think clean; think accentuating the natural beauty of your face. So go ahead, take a look, admire what you’ve naturally got and play up your unique details. Try using a tinted moisturizer over a foundation, define your lashes and brows, add a touch of blush, throw on some gloss, and walk out the door like a queen.

    2019 Instagram Worthy Spring Makeup Trends: Lips

    Lips are a big focus for spring 2019 makeup trends, and we’re obsessed with it. Glossed up, high shine lips are making a come back from the ’90s along with bold reds and toned down lip stains.  Here is a break down of the three most popular lip trends on Instagram that we think you’re going to love.

    Red Pop

    Here’s the thing, we understand that wearing a red lip for the first time is like jumping off a high dive for the first time; it can be a little intimidating. But, we want to encourage you not to let it be even a thing. If wearing red lipstick isn’t your thing, we support you. If you are red lipstick curious, now is the season to test the waters for yourself and nobody else.  If you’re already a red lipstick pro with that Marilyn Monroe lip vibe that makes eyes do a double take, here is your virtual nod and high-five. We also recommend a pair of sassy lashes to complete the entire makeup mood.

    Subtle Berry Stain

    One of our favorite lip trends is the subtle berry stain because it’s easy to re-create and anyone can wear it. Just grab your favorite bold berry, red, or pink lip color and press it onto your lips with your fingers and blot it down with a paper towel. This lip trend is meant to look like an amped up version of your natural lip color. We think it would pair well with the Au Naturalee trend we are crushing on.

    Clear, Shiny, Glossy

    Finally, glossy, shiny, glass looking luscious lips are back in! It's been a while since ultra shiny lips were a thing and we're glad to see again, especially for Spring. Here's the cool thing about this clear gloss look, you can wear it with any trend for eyes and face. It's an easy go-to for any comfort level in the makeup department. Plus, can we all agree that if you weren't born with naturally luscious lips, the ultra clear, glossed up lip trend is the best illusion (thank God for beauty tricks).

    So, now which Spring 2019 makeup trend are you going to try? Let's all just start from the top and work our way down, shall we?


    The Moxie Babes Team

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