4 STUNNING Color Kits To Enhance Eyes!

Kendra Stanton @ 2020-06-22 16:04:12 -0700

Our New MOXIELASH Color Kits are here for play, or to enhance your eye color! We have four kits that feature different shades of our magnetic eyeliner and magnetic lashes to give you a variety of looks. Perfect for dress-up, cosplay, or simply because you make the rules when it comes to how you look and wear your makeup. There are a colorful lash and liner kit for every comfort level to choose from. Check them out below! 


Here are the colorful lashes and eyeliners in the MoxieLash Color Kits!


What’s In The Color Kit


This lash set houses three colorful magnetic lash styles to play with and enhance eye colors!


The Color Kit is complete with our Funky, Candy, and Stormy lashes (one pair of each), one mini black liquid magnetic eyeliner, one box of eyeliner remover swabs, and one MoxieLash luxe bag!


Funky draws out blue and brown eyes the most, but if your green eyes have a mix of greenish/blue, it will also make them extra vivid. 


Candy is for a fun pop of color for every day, or just for play. It makes green eyes become their brightest shade and makes brown eyes slightly more gold.


Stormy Lash is a blend of black and neon blue, which makes it the perfect lash to accent blue and brown eye shades in a subtle way. 





What’s In The Deep Color Kit

Deep color kit has green and blue magnetic eyeliners from MoxieLash!

Now you can enhance your eye color and shape with the Deep Color Kit— the perfect blend of hyper-vivid color and classic Moxie. Includes Black, Olive, and Azul Mini Magnetic Liquid Eyeliners, Money and Bossy Lash, our Remover Cotton Swabs, and Luxe Bag.


Azul Mini Magnetic Eyeliner draws out the blue in blue eyes, while Olive enhances the gold in brown eyes and makes green eyes pop! Our Black Magnetic Eyeliner is classic for all occasions. 




What’s In The Vivid Color Kit

The vivid color kit has the first ever colored magnetic eyeliners!


Level up your lash game with the Vivid Color Kit—a curated collection of classic, playful, and colorful MoxieLash products that enhance eye shapes and color. Includes Black, Magenta, and Amethyst Mini Magnetic Liquid Eyeliners, Baby and Cheeky Lash, our Remover Cotton Swabs, and Luxe Bag.

While the Magnetic Eyeliners in this kit are perfect for enhancing all eye colors, Magenta is ideal for drawing out the green in eyes, and purple makes blue eyes rich in color. 




What’s In The Color Lineup Kit


Check out the Color Lineup Kit, perfect for enhancing all eye colors!


Our Color Lineup Kit is our full collection of Mini Colored Magnetic Liquid Eyeliners. With the soft neon Azul, the vibrant-bold of Amethyst, and the tropical vibes of Magenta and Olive, these liners deliver a super-smooth liner look with cat-eye precision. Plus, as a bonus, you also get a FREE Mini Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner in Black, too.


You can use any of these eyeliner colors to enhance different colors in your eyes while being playful too! For Blue eyes, try Magenta and Purple. Green eyes look best with Magenta and Olive. Brown eyes are the magic color—everything makes their color pop.