5 Work From Home Tips With Bianca!

Kendra Stanton @ 2020-03-23 17:04:07 -0700

Like many of you, the MoxieLash team is working from home during this social distancing season we have all found ourselves in! So we’ve hooked up with our girl Bianca, the MoxieLash “Branding Boss,” to give us some easy tips and tricks for living that work-at-home life. And of course, we’re going to throw in some beauty tips as well because this girl is also the queen of beauty.

Here is 5 helpful work from home tips from our Branding Boss at MoxieLash!

To start, we’ve asked her to give us her top 5 work from home tips for being productive, staying positive, and to keep that creativity gift she has flowing strong. 

5 Helpful Work From Home Tips With Bianca

  1. Consistent location! When I’m working from home, it definitely helps to have a consistent location to work from. For me, that’s my desk- when I’m there, it’s go-time!
  1. Keep a work schedule! I always start my work day at the exact same time as if I was going into an office. 
  1. Make an actionable plan with all of your tasks. I like to write mine all out and check them off as I go. 
  1. Zoom is a key online tool I use to keep up with my co-workers. It helps me stay socially connected to them, and we can collaborate as if we were working in an office together. 
  1. Take a break! I give myself a lunch break no matter how busy the day is. It’s essential to take a moment for yourself and regroup so that you can go back to your team and give your best. 

Q&A With Bianca!

Here are some helpful tips for working at home with Bianca from MoxieLash!

Q: What do you do for MoxieLash?

A: I am the Creative Director for MoxieLash. I do everything from developing photoshoot concepts to helping marketing creatives and designing packaging.


Q: What’s your favorite MoxieLash magnetic eyelash style?

A:  I’ve said this many times- Sassy lash is my favorite lash because it fits my eye shape perfectly!


Q: Best Beauty Hack You’ve Ever Tried?

A:  MoxieLash is my beauty hack, period! I love that I can go from 0-100 in minutes! 

Q: Most worn lipstick shade?

A:  “Committed” by the Balm.

Q: What one word describes your personality?

A:  I would say “happy!” Even when I don’t feel happy, I try to make myself be anyways.

Thanks, Bianca! 

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