A Luxury Lash Gift Guide With MoxieLash

Kendra Stanton @ 2019-11-27 12:31:18 -0800

Give the gift of an easier lash routine this holiday season! We've got so many new magnetic eyelashes and lash kits to choose from for everyone on your shopping list for Christmas.

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Gift lashes this holiday season with MoxieLash


holiday gifts ideas for the women in your life from MoxieLash


Magnetic Lashes For Your Best Friend

Give the gift of a holiday lash kit from moxielash!

Your best friend deserves to have only the best! She knows all of your secrets, the good, the bad, the beautiful—and she's still your number one fan. Spoil your bestie with our Luxury Lash Kit!

This mink-based kit is perfect for when your bestie needs the right lash for a luxurious event. Containing our three most glamorous lashes, this kit accentuates your high-end look and adds just the right glam to your extravagant night out. 



Magnetic Lashes For Your Mom

Give the gift of the Baby Lash Kit for the holidays in this MoxieLash gift guide.

Don't skimp on your mom ever. Make her feel all shades of effortless glam with our easy on Baby Lash Kit that's perfect for all eye shapes. This lash has the tiniest bit of flair to add just a touch of drama and accentuate the eye in all the right places. 


Magnetic Lashes For Your Work Wife

Give the gift of magnetic eyeliner and lashes from Moxielash with our Baby Lash Kit!

You work together, swap beauty and style tips, and grab happy hour drinks regularly to share office gossip. She's more than just your "co-worker"— she's your work wife. 

Give her the "you're more than just co-worker" vibes with a gift that makes her look and feel stunning at the office or sipping a cocktail with our MoxieLash Day Kit. Coined the 'Day Time Kit' for a reason, we've packaged our 'Classy' and 'Baby' magnetic lashes together to give naturally gorgeous lashes for day-to-day looks. We even included our high-tech magnetic liquid eyeliner and Olive Oil infused cotton swabs all packaged together in our MoxieLash cosmetic bag.


Magnetic Lashes For Yourself 

Give the gift of the Nighttime kit for the holidays from MoxieLash!

Don't be afraid to add yourself to your Christmas shopping list and gift yourself a little early. With all of the holiday parties coming up— and even New Years'.. you're going to want to have yourself a lash look that makes heads turn. 

Spoil yourself with our Nighttime Kit! Whether you are feeling Sassy, Flashy, or if you're just a Baddy. There's a holiday lash style for you in this kit. We've also included our high-tech liquid eyeliner, plus our pro liner brush, and Olive Oil infused cotton swabs, all packaged together in our MoxieLash cosmetic bag. Now, you can switch up your nighttime lash-look in seconds.


Have fun holiday shopping for you and your loved ones! If you have any questions, email us at info@moxielash.com