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    The FULL Scoop: Baddy Vs. Happy Magnetic Lash

    Want to know the difference between our Baddy and Happy magnetic lash styles? Let’s chat. Yes, they look similar, but trust us, they’re totally different! So, we’re giving you the full scoop on what their differences are, how they are each unique, and why you need them both!




    Everything you need to know about Baddy Lash!



    Here is everything you need to know about the Baddy Magnetic Eyelash style and how it works to make your eyes pop.



    Baddy Magnetic Eyelash


    This lash style is made to open up your eyes with gently curled lashes that are long and vary in length. The lash band is 34 mm—which is the longest in magnetic band length that we carry. So, it’s great for big eyes, but can also be customized to fit a smaller framed eye shape too.


    Baddy Lash is dramatic in length at 9-17mm, but not in lash-density, which makes it versatile for day to night looks. The longest lashes are crafted into the center of the lash band which helps to balance out eye shapes—especially deep set eyes.




    Everything you need to know about Happy Lash


    Happy Magnetic Eyelash style from MoxieLash is perfect for all your day to night makeup needs!



    Happy Magnetic Eyelash Style


    When you wear this lash, it really does make you instantly happy. Once you see it up-close, you’ll understand why! From the side profile, you can see varying lengths of gently curled lashes that give a fully three dimensional look. The lash band is 33mm is length, which make it perfect for larger eye shapes, but also customizable for eyes that are smaller.


    Happy Lash is created with a blend of 5-14mm mink lashes with the longest length being at the center of the lash band. You’ll find that the shorter hairs are tapered at both ends which give it that gorgeous, lash extension look. Because this lash style mimics a natural lash hair pattern for extended volume and length, it’s perfect for all eye shapes—but especially deep-set, almond, and hooded.




    The difference between Baddy and Happy Lash


    Happy vs. Baddy magnetic eyelash styles


    If you look at them, you can see why people ask what the difference really is. We would say that the two BIGGEST differences is the overall length and width of the lashes. For lash density, they are pretty similar, although, Happy does have more of a three-dimensional flare. Below we will answer a few more questions. 


    Q: Which lash has longer lash hairs?

    A: Baddy has a little bit more lash length than Happy! 


    Q: Between Baddy and Happy, which lash band is shorter?

    A: They are both rather long in lash band length, but Happy is a litter bit shorter. 


    Q: Which one has the most volume? 

    A: Baddy Lash by a tiny bit.


    Q: Does Happy Lash look more natural?

    A: We think so. 


    Q: Do you really need both of these lash styles?

    A: Is that really a question?


    Watch the Full Video Below!



    We hope you liked this breakdown between these two stunning lash styles. Shop them both below in our lash collections page. If you have questions, reach out at info@moxielash.com




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