Best Cat Eye Tapered Lashes!

Nail the look in seconds


Looking for the purr-fect lash for your eye shape and personality? Well, the cat’s out of the bag with bigger, better 10 Magnet Lashes. We're showing you the best cat eye tapered lashes on the market for a winged liner look!


When trying to level up your cat eye game, choosing a lash style to amplify the bold, sexy look is essential. Going for a sleek liner look that tapers at the end with precision and lift looks even better with magnetic lashes that also taper at the ends. This creates the perfect blend for absolutely nailing a very gorgeous, and cohesive, cat eye.


Warning though: Leveling up your style with these lush lash looks may trigger intense cat-calling (or just some serious lash envy). Want the look?  Here are the best cat eye tapered MoxieLash Lashes that are versatile, voluminous, and va-va-voom in the best way possible. 



Shop Best Best Cat Eye Tapered Lashes

Don’t know where to start? Stay positive! We’re here to help. First, let’s talk about lash styles. You need to know exactly which MoxieLash Magnetic Lashes compliment a cat eye and give you that oh-so-catty lash vibe. We have enough cat eye lash styles that you’ll be sure to find one that fits your eye shape perfectly! Check out all of our cat eye tapered lashes below.


Baby Lash: Cat Eye Magnetic Eyelashes 

  Baby lash gives added oomph for a cat eye look.

The Baby Lash is our smallest accent lash that features outer edge flare. Easy-on application and perfect for a subtle cat-eye makeup look. 



Sassy Lash: Cat Eye Mink Lashes 


Here is a full and fluffy false lash style that works for cat eye shapes.


If you're looking to add a little luxury to your cat-eye look, check out Sassy Magnetic Lash—our best-selling lash! The added oomph at the end of this magnetic lash style aligns perfectly with the sleek and tapered liner to amplify the whole look.  


Wifey Lash: Cat Eye Lash Extensions


Best mid volume magnetic lashes for a cat eye look.


The Wifey Lash is a beautiful, tapered vegan lash that is smaller than Sassy Lash, but bigger than Baby. It's perfect for mid-to-large sized eyes looking to level up their cat eye makeup look. Soft layers give your everyday look a natural feel, but all day stay allows for a bold night out look that makes a statement. #WIFEYGOALS!



Sexy Lash: Extreme Cat Eye Lashes 

Sexy magnetic eyelash gives your eyes volume and length for a gorgeous cat eye look.


Ready to give that hot and bothered vibe? Here's a lash that’ll elevate your eyes to a steamy cat-eye look. Sexy Lash is your go-to for major tapered flutter that’s impossible to shy away from.This lash is handcrafted with a unique pattern of thick and soft sections of lash layers. Go glam instantly with a mid volume, three-dimensional lashes that’ll deliver a serious confidence boost.


Moody Lash Cat Eye Lash Style

Moody magnetic lash is gently lifted at the outside corners for a cat eye eyelash.

Channel any mood, day to night, with this subtle mid-glam lash. The Moody Lash adds the perfect amount of volume—not too much, not too little—creating an ultra-natural look. Super soft premium mink lash layers mimic the look of a natural lash. Layers are curled to perfection with a tapered outer-edge for extra oomph. Shift the energy in any space you enter. 


Cutie Lash: Cat Eye Eyelash Style


Best cat eye makeup look lashes for anyone. 

Cute and simple never looked this good. Get a knockout look with the Cutie Lash that instantly opens and enhances your eyes. You can spot Cutie’s major flutter from a mile away, while its softly tapered volume and curls add the subtle lift you’ve been dreaming of. It’s a lash that does double duty—provides a look that’s cute and sexy for all eye shapes.


10 Magnet Love Kit for Cat Eye Lashes

Love Kit


Love Kit


Fall in love with a kit full of flare. Complete with Baby, Wifey, and Sexy lash sets, our 10 Magnet Love Kit features a variety of fluttery eyelash looks designed for better hold, comfort, and fit. This curated kit is all you need to level up your lash game with ease. Also includes our full-sized Black Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic Applicator. Step out, day or night, with three looks that are sure to grab that special someone’s attention.

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