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    Best Eyelashes For Making Your Eyes POP!

    Like a pair of ultra-sexy stilettos, the right false lashes can make an everyday makeup look turn into the most glam. To make your eyes center-focus and "pop"you'll need faux eyelashes that are full, dramatic, and ultimately speak for themselves. Check out our broad range of magnetic lash styles that turn an ordinary-looking eye into one that makes heads turn. 

     Here is how to make your eyes pop with magnetic lash styles!

    Alright lashes, get in formation--we're looking at you!

    All the lashes that will make your eyes pop with length and fullness!


    Whether you want thick lash layers, or ones that are wispy— we have the whole collection (and they take 3 minutes to apply). So, here are the best MoxieLash eyelashes for making your eyes pop with volume, length, and oomph. 


    Thick, Bold, and Full False Lash Styles

    If you really want to make your eyes look big and bold, here are three magnetic lash styles you need to check out. 

    Money Lash: "These lashes are very dramatic!"

    Money Lash is a stunning lash style that is magnetic, easy to apply, and makes your eyes look bigger!


    Our number one most dramatic lash is Money Lash! It features evenly distributed lashes ideal for adding more drama to big, beautiful eyes. Perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement. 

    Bossy Lash Before and After: "So dramatic and beautiful!"

    Bossy Lash is the perfect full and dramatic lash to make your eyes pop!


    The Bossy Lash is designed to make large, beautiful eyes look even bigger. While all of our lashes will garner a lot of attention and interest, the Bossy Lash will scream your presence across the room. 

     Boujie Lash: "Very dramatic & full-- love the look!"

    Boujie Lash before and after magnetic lash style for creating the ultimate full and gorgeous lash-look.


    Boujie Lash is handcrafted in a Premium Mink. Full of drama and designed with long, curled lashes that open up your eyes and enhance them perfectly. 


    Wispy Volume and Length False Lash Styles

    Make your eyes "pop" with mid-level va-va-volume and length! Here are the magnetic lash styles that features wispy layers of lashes that mimic the look of lash extensions. 

    Flirty Lash: "So sexy looking!"

    Flirty Lash before and after to make your eyes pop!


    The Flirty Lash is designed to look like it's real mink. Perfect layered with a tapered end that perfect for the girl with medium-large sized eyes. Take it out to the club, or keep it for those special nights in.

    Flashy Lash: "Love the length and dramatic look!"

    Flashy Lash magnetic lash style for creating gorgeous length and fullness.


    Flashy Lashis fluttery, full and beautiful! With their more wispy look and tapered drama favoring the outside edge, these mink lashes create a seductive cat eye shape perfect for round eyes.

    Sassy Lash: "Gorgeous volume and fullness!"

    Sassy Lash before and after for creating medium fullness and length!


    Sassy Lash is our best-selling lash for a reason! Our most natural mink lash, Sassy looks great on all eye shapes. When you're looking for a bit of luxury in your look, but don't want to go too dramatic or glam, Sassy is your perfect every-day choice.


    Want to see our full collection of magnetic lash styles? Check them out HERE



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