Ready to take the guesswork out of finding the right pair of eyelashes for almond shaped eyes? We all know that finding the right pair of falsies can instantly level up your eyes, making them look bigger and sexier. But, the magnetic lash style you choose can also either make or break the look you’re going after. Almond-eyes are unique in that they can pull off many different lash looks, including ultra-dramatic like a fierce cat eye or a bold cut-crease. They’re like the unicorn of eye shapes…and those that have them aren’t mad about it either. 


What Do Almond Eyes Look Like?

Here are the best magnetic lashes for almond shaped eyes,


Celebrities like Mila Kunis, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Alba, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian all have one thing in common—they have almond-shaped eyes. And, according to makeup artists everywhere, this eye shape can pull off pretty much any eyeshadow look, including ultra-dramatic with big volume false lashes. Lucky them.


If you’re wondering about your eye shape, though, here are a few tell-tale signs they’re almond. 


  • This eye shape has smaller eyelids that are longer in width than round. 
  • Almond-shaped eyes point at the inner and outer eye
  • They have a strong crease
  • The top and bottom eyelids usually hide the outer portion of the cornea 



Here Are the Best Lashes For Almond Eyes


Whether full and fluffy or long and voluminous—falsies can really make an almond eye stand out. There aren’t too many rules either. This eye shape can get away with the most natural lash extension look to something super dramatic and bold. Take a look at our magnetic lash recommendations just for you. 


Ultra-Natural Magnetic Eyelashes

Cutie Magnetic Eyelash brings a natural look for almond shaped eyes.


Soft, natural, and barely there. This range lash styles is designed for any almond-eye-shaped beauty who wants to elevate that “woke up like this” look. They’ll add the perfect amount of glam without being overwhelming. 


Mid-Glam Magnetic Eyelashes

 Perfect mid-glam lash for almond eye shapes


If you want a lash style that’s somewhere between natural and bold—mid-glam is where to go. Their long, full, and voluminous lash layers will make your eye shape pop in seconds.


Bold Magnetic Eyelashes

 Bold magnetic eyelash for almond shaped eyes.


Since almond shaped eyes can pull off pretty much any lash style, if you want to go dramatic, just do it! Dense lash hairs with mega volume and length are perfect for a stand-out look. 



 Best Eyeshadow Tips For Almond Eyes


To make your almond eyes pop even more, let’s talk about the best practices for how to apply eyeshadow and liner.


  1. A cat-eye look is an almond-eyes best friend. Trace your upper lash line with your magnetic liquid eyeliner, and then extend it at the end with a slight flick upwards.
  2. Use cream or white eyeliner on your lower waterline to make your eyes look bigger. 
  3. Apply a light shimmery shade of eyeshadow over your entire lower lid for an eye-opening effect.
  4. A cut-crease is pretty dramatic, but dang, does it look good on almond eyes. There are a million tutorials on Youtube for this look. But, in general, you apply a sharp line of eyeshadow above the fold of your eyelid.
  5. Blend a darker eyeshadow into the contour of your eye to add major definition. 
  6. Use eyeshadow underneath your lower lash line to emphasize your shape. 


Best Lash Kits for Almond Eyes


MoxieLash has curated eyelash kits for almond eyes to help you get the right look if you really want to take the guesswork out. Each magnetic eyelash kit comes with magnetic eyeliner for an almost instant eyelash extension look that you can rewear up to 60 times.


Now that you know the best lashes for almond-shaped eyes—have fun switching up your looks on the regular! One of the fun parts about Moxie is that you can change out your lashes whenever you want throughout the day. Start in the morning with a minimalist look, and then land the day going full-glam with your girlfriends. You’ll look fabulous either way.


If you have questions about magnetic eyelashes or want help choosing a lash style, reach out to us at

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