If you are a beauty with naturally hooded eyes, finding lash products that elevate your eye shape can be difficult—but we're here to make it easy for you! Whether you're craving a pair of full, fluttery, or natural-looking eyelashes, we have put together a complete guide to match up lashes with your needs. 
For hooded eye beauties who want to give their eyes a lift or add a touch of glamour, false lashes are the perfect solution. They are no longer exclusively used for special occasions, so it's essential to find a pair that compliments your eye shape, not crowd it. If you have hooded eyes, this is your ultimate guide to understanding how to choose the perfect pair of MoxieLash eyelashes that tailor to your beauty needs. Before we start, though, find out if you have this eye shape below. 

What Is a Hooded Eye?

 Hooded eyes and how to tell if you have them.
Wanting to know if you have hooded eyes? Naturally hooded eyes feature a heavy brow bone set with extra skin that folds over into the lash line. When hooded eyes are open, the crease of the eyelid isn't generally visible, and typically as you age, your eyelid space diminishes, taking on a more hooded appearance.
How Do You Tell If You Have Hooded Eyes?
 What lashes are best for hooded eye shapes
To figure out if you have hooded eyes, simply start by examining your eyelids to see if they form a natural crease in the center of the eyelid when your eyes are open. With hooded eyes, skin hangs down over the crease, making your upper eyelid appear smaller. If you can't see the crease in your eyelid form when you open your eyes, then it's safe to say that you have hooded eyes. 

How To Lift Hooded Eyes and Make Them Bigger?

Can we just say that your hooded eyes are beautiful! However, if you want to lift your eyes to make them appear larger, there are several different ways to achieve the look you're after. 
Botox and fillers can be useful cosmetic tools that lift the brow tail and tighten the skin around the upper eyelid, making hooded eyes appear bigger. Botox treatments target the area between the eyes, preventing your eyelids from frowning down. 
To add volume and lift in the brow bone, you can also use Magnetic Lashes for a sculpted look. We will jump in and talk more about that next!
What Lash Shape To Use On Hooded Eyes?
Finding the right false lashes that compliment a hooded eye is essential. If your lash is too big, it will overpower your eyelid and make your eyes appear small. Here are the three best lash shapes to look for when shopping for lashes that elevate, balance, and open up hooded eyes.
Style and shape: 
  • Tapered ends: Volume that tapers off at the end of a lash will balance out this eye shape if it shows signs of elasticity loss (eyelid drooping).
  • Smaller strip lashes: Make sure that the false lash you choose isn't longer than your natural eye length and that the hairs are not overpowering either. 
  • Gentle curl: Choose a lash style that has a soft curl to open up hooded eyes and make them appear larger than they are. 


Finding the Best False Lash Type For You

Here's a breakdown of which falsies work best for hooded eyes so you can choose which lash solution is best for you. 

Can you wear eyelash extensions with hooded eyes?

Getting eyelash extensions is a tedious process. But, if you're willing to hang out for two hours at a time and drop some serious cash, it could be worth it. Your lash extension specialist will know exactly what lash placement you should have for your hooded eyes and whether you need curl, length, and taper. 
Eyelash extensions look good on hooded eyes ONLY if your specialist knows what they are doing. It is common for customers to lose lashes and have major reactions to the glue that is used. Be sure to test the glue before you apply it next to your eyes to make sure you don't have a terrible reaction (don't google it either…scary stuff). 

Can you wear fake eyelashes with hooded eyes?

Good news: we now have lash strips that don't have glue! Yay! Lashies by MoxieLash is a two-second solution to add volume, length, and lift to hooded eyes. Even better, it's formulated with NanoGrop™ Technology for even the most sensitive eyes. You literally just trace your lash line with the clear or black liner and then pop on your favorite lash style for hooded eyes. 
Here are a few lashes to try: 
 Before and after for hooded eyes.
Baby LashieThis is a three-dimensional lash that has tapered ends for a very natural look. The outer corner will give a hooded eye the illusion that the eyelid is more lifted than it is. 
 Classy lashes
Classy Lashie: Our most natural false lash, Classy, is full length and tapered at both ends. A wispy set of lashes, the Classy Lashie lash fibers at the center of the strip will give your eyes the appearance of a crease with dimension.
Wifey Lashie: Another natural lash to try is Wifey Lash. This is a full-length lash style that's perfect for hooded eyes with its three-dimensional tapered end. It balances out this eye shape by creating lift.

 Can you wear magnetic lashes with hooded eyes?

Another easy way to make deep-set, hooded eyes pop is using magnetic lashes and liner. The innovative lash system by MoxieLash allows you to click on your false lashes in under three minutes and change out your lash styles whenever you want. 
Here are a few lashes to try: 
bestie magnetic lash 
Bestie Lash: Gives a soft, flowy look to hooded eyes with gently curled and tapered ends. The curl of this faux mink silk set will open up your eyes and give it that lash extension look. 
 Fluffy magnetic lash
Fluffy LashIts soft flutter and volume will give this eye shape the illusion of a crease. 
 Sassy magnetic lash
Sassy LashFor hooded eyes that want more volume and length, this lash style will add fierce cat-eye glam without overpowering the eye. 

How to apply false lashes to hooded eyes?


Depending on the lash application method you choose, it can be extremely easy. Here is a breakdown of how to apply Lashies™ and Magnetic Lashes from MoxieLash.
Magnetic Lash Application Guide:
  1. Apply any eyeshadow you want before you apply your Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner
  2. Trace the lash line with black or brown liner and let it dry for three minutes. 
  3. Set your Magnetic Lash choice for hooded eyes over the (dry) liner. 
Lashies™ Lash Application Guide:
  1. Apply clear or black Lashies Liner to your lash line. Quickly move to step two.
  2. Immediately set your false lash for hooded eyes on the wet liner. 
  3. It's that easy! Your lash will stay all day long—and it's reusable too. 
    How to remove false lashes?
    To remove your false lashes, you just grasp the outer corner of your false lash and gently peel it towards your inner eye. Place your lash back into the box they came in for safekeeping. Then, use your All-In-1 Makeup Remover to take off any liner residue. If you're using magnetic lashes, you can use this remover to take off any liner from the micromagnets. 

    Which False Lashes Are The Easiest To Apply?

    If you want the fastest, most comfortable solution to fake lashes—MoxieLash and Lashies are the most innovative solutions on the market. So, it's really about what you want to compliment your eye shape. Do you want a clear liner option? Go for Lashies™. If you want to switch out your lash look and get up to 60+ wears of the same lash, go for MoxieLash. 
    Have hooded eyes and need help? Our team of lash experts is here to help you with anything you need. Send us a message to at any time.