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    Best Lashes To Replace Lash Fills

    Let's be honest. There is nothing better than looking at yourself in the mirror with a fresh pair of fluttery, voluminous lash extensions. Well, during this time, with eyelash extensions unavailable at the moment, we don't want you to have to compromise feeling your best, most beautiful self. Which is why today, we are going to be showing you our top picks for the BEST Moxielash Magnetic Lashes to replace your lash fill.


    Magnetic lashes that look like eyelash extensions!

    Want to know the best news of all? These top picks won't be draining your bank account, and they don't require any irritating glue or tedious wait times. Full, fluffy lashes have never been more accessible! Easy to apply in just under 3 minutes, you can have the eyes of your dreams for up to 30 flawless wears with MoxieLash magnetic lashes. Are you ready to learn more, plus get a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply them? We sure thought you were.

    Lashes That Look Like Eyelash Extensions

    Classic eyelash extensions are designed to enhance and uplift the natural shape of your eye. Their beautiful, customizable criss-cross layers give you dramatic lash lines for days. If you are looking to continue your lash enhancements during this time when extension appointments are few and far between, we've got you covered. These magnetic lashes mimic the EXACT look of eyelash extensions, and they'll give you the same luscious, elongated effect that you so do crave. 

    Option 1: Flirty Magnetic Lash

    Flirty Lash as a replacement for lash extensions


    The Flirty Lash is a beautiful Faux-Mink lash that is designed to give the effect of real mink! These lashes are perfect for the girl with medium to large-sized eyes. You can take these lashes out to the club, or hang on to them for those special nights in. With a Mid-Level volume that inspires drama, you can easily replace your lash fills with this irresistible set of Flirty Lashes.


    Option 2: Sexy Magnetic Lash

    Sexy Magnetic eyelash to replace your lash fill


    Our Sexy lash makes you feel... Sexy! Tapered and full, these magnetic lashes will enhance your own by giving you the seductive look you're going for. Made with faux mink, these Full-Drama volumizing lashes, will optimize your lash game and give you a fuller, if not better look than lash extensions!


    Option 3: Sassy Magnetic Lash

    Sassy magnetic eyelash to replace your lash fills.


    Sassy lash is our best-selling lash for a reason! Being our most natural mink lash, Sassy looks great on all eye shapes. When you're looking for a bit of luxury, but don't want to be too dramatic or go full glam, Sassy is going to be your perfect every-day choice. These Mid-Level volume lashes will give you the naturally enhanced look you love and recreate the appearance of eyelash extensions. 



    Option 4: Boujie Magnetic Lash

    Boujie lash to replace your lash extensions.


    A gorgeous lash in Premium Mink, the Boujie Lash will be turning heads everywhere you go. These long, luxurious lashes are a match made in heaven for deep-set and almond eyes. With a defining curl and a Full-Drama volume, Boujie Lash was designed to open up your eyes and enhance their size, making them an optimal replacement for lash fillers.


    How To Apply Magnetic Lashes:

    1. Apply your magnetic eyeliner along your lash line. Let it dry for 3 minutes or until it is no longer tacky. 



    2. Grab your magnetic eyelash and lay it next to the liner. It will instantly lock into place. You want to make sure that it is right next to the bed of your lashes. 


    3. Do not apply mascara on your magnetic lashes. Instead, if you would like to wear mascara, apply it before you put on your eyelashes. 

    We hope you enjoyed our magnetic eyelash options to replace your lash extensions! If you need help choosing your lash style, reach out to us at info@moxielash.com! Or, you can check out our full collection of lashes, here! 






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