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    Best Magnetic Lashes for Round Eyes


    Today we will be showing you which of our MOXIELASH Magnetic Lashes are best for a round eye shape! Do you have round eyes? If you do, this post is for you. Lashes with rounded eyes can create a stunning, bright eye that everyone will be envious of.

    Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the best lashes for your round eye shape— but today we will be talking about the best lashes for big round eyes or small round eyes!

    Here are the best magnetic eyelash styles for round eye shapes.

    Do I Have Round Eyes?

    Round eyes are very common. If you don’t know your eye shape, that’s okay. Here are a few different traits that are common with rounded eyes:

    • If your eyes are rounded, they’re typically larger and more circular than typical eyes. Your eyes are a prominent feature, and you usually get tons of compliments on them.
    • The cornea of rounded eyes is surrounded by white all the way around.
    • The inner and outer corners of round eyes are more circular, and they’re not pulled inward or outward.

    Best Magnetic Lashes for Round Eyes

    Because round eyes are so open, you can really have some fun with your lashes. Here are a few of the best magnetic lashes that are the best suit to accentuate your beautiful round eyes.

    Flashy Lash

    Flashy magnetic eyelash style is the perfect fake lash for round eye shapes.


    Our Flashy Lash is more on the wispy side but has lots of tapered flares. Because of the tapered style, this favors the outer edge of the eye, creating a more cat-like style. The mink lashes blend seamlessly into your current lashes but extend longer to give you a perfect sexy look that can be dressed up and down.


    Flirty Lash

    Flirty Lash is a stunning fake lash style that is perfect for round eye shapes.


    This is our faux lash that is designed to look like real mink. It’s light, wispy, and gives you the added shape to add dimension to your round eyes. With longer middles and shorter ends, this style opens up your beautiful eyes.


    Sassy Lash

    Sassy Magnetic Lash works to amplify round eye shapes in minutes!


    Our Sassy Lash is our most popular and best-selling lash—for a good reason. This natural mink lash is meant for all eye shapes, but on a round eye, it really gives added shape to rounder eyes. This lash is slightly tapered to give you a slight, non-dramatic cat eye that is perfect for every day. Pop them on and go anywhere for effortless style.


    How to Apply Magnetic Lashes on Round Eyes

    Applying magnetic lashes is easy. With our state-of-the-art magnetic liner, you don’t have to change anything about your current makeup look. And, all of our lashes are crafted with tiny magnets that adhere right to the liner. The small magnets curve to your eyelid, creating a barely-there comfortable look that lasts all day long. If you’re ready to try our magnetic lashes on your round eyes, here is the best way to apply them.

    Step 1: Liner

    Our magnetic liner is so easy to use. The felt tip pen glides seamlessly along your eyelid to create precise wings, lines, and designs. Wherever you place the liner, the lashes will stick. When applying the liner, try to keep it as close to the lash line as possible. This will help you get the most natural look when the lashes are applied.

    Step 2: Lash

    Once you have completed the liner, you’re ready to apply a lash. Gently remove the lash out of the packaging without tugging too hard. Hold the lash between your thumb and index finger. Bring the lash close to the liner on your lid. The lash should start to snap into place. Try to bring the lash down from the outside, in so the magnets fit snug on your lash line.

    Step 3: Enjoy!

    That’s it! You’re done. No glue, no wait time, no mess—just liner and lash.

    Ready to give your rounded eye the spotlight? Grab your new favorite lash right now!

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