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Check Our Our NEW Mini Magnetic Eyeliner Bundle!

Check Our Our NEW Mini Magnetic Eyeliner Bundle!

We took our most wanted, most magical killer, pigment-packed magnetic liquid eyeliner and made a “mini-me”. Small enough to fit in your pocket, and big enough to pack a punch for a precisely lined lash-line. You can lock in your lashes in seconds with its magnet infused badassery formulation. We know, we’re not even sure that’s a real word. But what we are sure of is that you’ll be addicted to our easy-on mini MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner option. Perfect for travel. throwing in a handbag, or just because you like mini versions of things because they're fascinating and kind of cute.

Check out this Mini magnetic eyeliner bundle that's fully cute, and fully badass! Even better babe, we made a bundle of these little mini’s and we think you might actually collapse with cuteness overload. But cute isn’t why this is a killer deal. This bundle includes three mini magnetic eyeliners, PLUS, the original Baby magnetic lash style!

Just like our standard size MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner, the application is the same. Start by applying the tip of the precision eyeliner applicator onto the inside corner of the eye. Carefully glide it along the lash line until you get to the end. Double up on your eyeliner application for increased magnetic attraction to your MoxieLash Baby magnetic lash. Get super hold results that are wind-resistant, and keeps your lashes on for up to 8 hours!

Once your MoxieLash mini magnetic eyeliner has dried for 2 minutes (or until its dry to the touch), you can apply your magnetic lashes. Our magnetic eyeliner is water-resistant, sweat-proof, and won’t smear and meltdown on you—with that said, we highly recommend NOT getting your magnetic lashes wet. Other than that, babe, this is the easiest, fasted, most revolutionary solution to getting the glam, sassy, sexy, and slay worthy, lash-look you want in a matter of seconds.

Check out this mini magnetic eyeliner bundle for on-the-go travel. Want to get our NEW MoxieLash Mini Magnetic Eyeliner Bundle? You find get it HERE!

You can use any MoxieLash magnetic lash with your new “mini” beauty friend. But, we included the ‘Baby Lash” because it’s a HOT seller. Have you tried the new Baby lash? You need this lash for so many reasons. Number one, because the reviews don’t lie, and number two, because they are the perfect balance between natural and serious sass.

Check out what Kayla said about the Baby lashes: “They’re exactly like the perfect, full and long lashes that babies have and are so ungrateful for! Perfect if you want fuller lashes, without looking like you’re wearing fake eyelashes”

And here’s another one from Paige: “I bought the baby lashes and wore them to a wedding. They were super lightweight and I honestly couldn’t tell I was wearing them - which is super great as I have problems with dry eyes and anytime I add an outside element (contacts, lashes, etc) they often get irritated. I got so many compliments! Also, the wedding reception might’ve gotten a little wild and I woke up at 3 am in my hotel room in full makeup, lying totally on one eye, AND THE LASHES HAD NOT MOVED. WOW.”

Want to try our MoxieLash Baby lash? Get it in your mini Magnetic eyeliner bundleright HERE! xo, MoxieLash Babes

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