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Check Out These Magnetic Eyelash Reviews

Check Out These Magnetic Eyelash Reviews

These magnetic eyelash reviews are going to blow-your-mind! We're looking at the most wanted MoxieLash magnetic lashes, giving you reviews from real customers—we all know, those don't lie. Here's the honest feedback from our most  popular lash style!

Here are the most popular magnetic eyeliner and lashes and their reviews! Find out what real customers are saying! If you don't know what magnet eyelashes are, here's a quick 101. There are a few versions these days of applying lashes the magnetic way. There is the kind you have to sandwich your natural lashes between—heavy "no thanks." And then, the kind with the magnetic eyeliner that easily allows magnetic lashes to attach. So, we're looking at both today so you can make the best choice for you and your lash situation.

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MoxieLash Sassy Lash

MoxieLash: Sheli R. describes her MoxieLash magnetic lashes as: 'WOWSERS!', and we couldn't agree more! 

"I was skeptical when I first heard about these. Nothing seems to be easy when you have tiny blonde eyelashes. But I was tired of the cost of eyelash extensions, and the glue was a bit of a pain at times (literally)... I got my first pair of Moxie's and attempted the magnetic liner but made such a mess (I have a bit of hooded eyes, so it was going everywhere lol)... I thought this is ridiculous. BUT, thankfully, I kept trying. Now, I am a PRO at putting the eyeliner on fairly quickly AND easily pop those lashes right in place!!! BOOM! I love the different styles so I can wear my classy's for everyday office look and WHAM them with my Sassy's to go glam! I just ordered the baddy's and the baby lashes to try them too so will give another review later. All I can say so far is that I LOVE THESE! And I HIGHLY recommend them! HAVE FUN! Wear different styles! Be the best YOU that you have! And make others jealous of your "wow" eyes!"

Our Flashy lash styles is flirty and sexy at the same time! It has 5 magnets to allow for lash customization. Try it with our magnetic eyeliner too!

MoxieLash 'Flashy Lash' Magnetic Eyelash Reviews


Flashy Lash: MoxieLash customer, Erika says, "I love these lashes because they have 5 magnets which makes them unique from other brands. The 5 magnets allows me to adjust them to fit my lash line. As long as the continue to have 5 magnets I will buy these forever."--We're like, "yesss get us."

Our placement of magnets on our lash bands is unique to MoxieLash, and allows for customization of lash styles. 

Want to try our Flashy Lashes? Check them out HERE!

Check out these reviews of the MoxieLash Classy lashes? These subtle lashes will take your eyes from basic, to basically badass in seconds.

MoxieLash 'Classy Lash' Magnetic Eyelash Reviews

Classy Lash:  "Love my new MoxieLash magnetic lashes! The *Classy* ones are perfect for everyday wear :) After having an allergic reaction to the glue in eyelash extensions, these are the perfect solution! Just ordered a *Sassy* pair for going out.", says MoxieLash customer, Serena after using the Classy Magnetic  Lashes.

Want to up your lash game with a subtle vibe? Try the Classy Lashes HERE.

  MoxieLash Baddy lash style is perfect for that ultra glam and sexy look that will blow your mind! Check out these gorgeous lashes babe!

MoxieLash Baddy Magnetic Eyelash Reviews

Baddy Lash:Look at what MoxieLash customer Samantha say's after wearing her lashes to a wedding! "Wore them at my grandfather's wedding this weekend and they stayed on all day, even through the wedding which was outside by the beach with the wind blowing." We're not surprised--our lashes do-not-budge under pressure.

And if you're into the glam look, here's what customer VI say's about her Baddy Lashes, "These lashes are huge! A bit overwhelming for day time, but the great news is that they stayed on all day from 7:30am-7pm. If you're into drama this is the lash for you. :)"

Want to try the Baddy Lash style? Check them out HERE!

Now it's your turn. Get your magnetic eyelashes today and share your experience with us below!

Xo, MoxieLash

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