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    Colored Lashes That Enhance Your Eye Color!

    Want to add some more color to your world? We got you, babe! In today's post, we're going to help you learn how to enhance your eye color with colored lashes.


    What are Colored Lashes?

    Our colored lashes, also known as our Festival Lashes, are perfect for any fun occasion or event. They work exactly like any of our other magnetic lashes and come in eight beautiful and vibrant colors:

    • Ruby Lash
    • Vibey Lash
    • Dreamy Lash
    • Icy Lash
    • Party Lash
    • Candy Lash
    • Funky Lash
    • Stormy Lash




    If you've been wanting to try out a new and fun look, these colorful lashes will definitely up your makeup game. They're designed to make your eyes pop and are guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

    They are PERFECT to wear at festivals, costume parties, or in general if you want to add color to your daily life! Who needs an excuse to add color to their life anyways, right?

    How to Apply Colored Lashes?


    To apply colored lashes, you'll go through the same process as you would with any of our other magnetic lashes.

    Step 1: Apply your magnetic eyeliner.

    Step 2: Let it dry for AT LEAST two minutes.

    Step 3: Perform the "dry test" by gently tapping your ring finger on the magnetic liner. If any residue comes off, let the liner dry for another two minutes.

    Step 4: Once your magnetic liner is completely dry, you're all set to snap on your colored lashes and go!


    Colored Lashes to Enhance Green Eyes


    Red and pink lashes help to bring out and enhance green eye shades!


    If you have green eyes, colors like purple, pink, and red will bring out the gorgeous hue in your eyes and make them shine like emeralds.

    With that said, your go-to lashes will be ourRuby Lash,Dreamy Lash,Party Lash, andCandy Lash. Be prepared to receive TONS of compliments while wearing these lashes because you're guaranteed to spark some lash envy!


    Colored Lashes to Enhance Brown Eyes


    Here is how to enhance brown eyes with magnetic lashes!


    Colors like purple, blue, and green will complement, brighten, and make brown eyes glisten. If you have brown eyes, match them up with ourDreamy Lash,Funky Lash,Stormy Lash, andVibey Lash. Any of these lashes will be sure to turn heads and give your lashes the attention they deserve.


    Colored Lashes That Make Blue Eyes POP!

    Here are the colored magnetic lashes that enhance blue eyes!


    If you have blue eyes, wearing colorful lashes that will enhance their shade is essential. Blue eyes become even more vivid with purple, green, and blue colorful lashes! Both Dreamy Lash and Stormy Lash are perfect for bringing out the hidden shades in your baby blues. 


    Colored Lashes for Hazel Eyes

    How to enhance hazel eyes to bring out their secret shade!


    Green and purple will enhance hazel eyes more than anything. If you have hazel eyes,Vibey Lash andDreamy Lash are both great choices and will make your beautiful eyes shine like gold! Get ready to be the center of attention, because these lashes will yell your presence across the room.


    Reviews on Colored Lashes!

    "These lashes are beautiful! They're made very well and are easy to apply and remove. I love the green tint that these have to them, and I'm excited for a reason to wear them out!!" -Shana K.

    "These lashes are so beautiful on! They have a glamorous effect and are great for night or day! Very sexy and effortless! Go from a day to night look in minutes!" -Gary-Jenifer D.

    "These are easily put on and stay until taken off just as easily. The beauty they add to the eye area is worth way more than what we paid for. We can use these lashes again and again. My daughter was over the moon with the look and ease of application." -Patricia M.

    Now that you know how to enhance your eye color with colored lashes, which colored lash will you choose? Feel free to tag us with your lashes on Instagram at @MoxieLash.

    If you want to shop our full collection of lashes, clickHERE.



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