Daytime Lash Kit Unboxing!

If you like a natural eyelash look, check this out! Today we're unboxing the Daytime Kit and showing you everything that is included in it! You're not going to believe what comes in this magnetic lash kit for just $119 ($150 value). Take a peek inside!

Here is everything included in the Daytime Lash Kit from MoxieLash!

Daytime Lash Kit Unboxing

Our Daytime Kit is perfect for those that like to lash-up incognito. This kit includes the Baby, Classy, and Cheeky lash, a full size black magnetic eyeliner, magnetic eyeliner removers, and Luxe bag. 

Basically, everything you need for that 'amped-up,' natural lash-look you've always wanted. 

Included in Daytime Lash Kit:

  • Baby Lash
  • Classy Lash
  • Cheeky Lash
  • Black Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner
  • Remover Cotton Swabs
  • Luxe Bag

Price: $119 (Value $150)


All About The Baby Lash

The baby lash is a stunning lash that is apart of the Natural Lash Kit from MoxieLash!

Simple and versatile, Baby Lash is our most universal lash. It's a perfect accent lash for everyday wear. Just add Baby Lashto any make-up look for a subtle yet beautiful pop.

How to Wear The Baby Lash Magnetic Eyelash

What do we love about Baby Lash? Everything! It accentuates at the corner and gives a stunning 'lift' to every eye shape. You can see what that looks like in the 'before and after' below. We're also showing a few makeup looks that you can create with this magnetic eyelash style.

 Baby Lash Looks Makeup Looks

Here is how to wear the Baby Lash that is included in the MoxieLash Daytime Kit!

Wearing the natural lash kit for an evening look

Baby Lash Before And After

Here is the before and after of wearing the baby lash from the Natural Lash Kit.

Baby Lash Reviews

"Perfect even if you are new to lashes! I've never worn fake lashes before, and these went on so easily. They have just the right amount of volume to give your eyes a subtle yet beautiful look." —Liz

"Easy peasy! This came up as an ad on my FB and got me curious. After researching and watching some review videos I decided to try it out because I love false lashes, but the glue is a pain. I didn't want over-the-top falsies, but wanted an extra oomph on the corners. The baby lashes are perfect. I followed suggestions about doing my makeup first (using my own liner) and once set, put the magnet liner over the top of yours where you want the lash to sit. I am impressed and very pleased at such a simple & effective product. Highly recommend!!" —Enbee

"Just the right whisper of flirty glam. Looking for a notch up in the glam factor from my beloved Classy Lash, I tried Baby Lash. These are perfect when I want a little extra. MoxieLash magnetic liner makes application a breeze. I'm 53, with thinning lashes. These give me back the lashes I had when I was younger. I feel gorgeous, and I love my lashes!" —Yvonne B.

All About The Classy Lash

Here is the Classy Lash in the unboxing of the Natural Lash Kit!

Small and Silk, the Classy Lash is the perfect way to supplement your own lashes for a natural look. Wear them every day, all day comfortably. This is a top pick for women with smaller eyes as it's not overwhelming, but still adds some volume and fullness to your eyelash look.

Classy Lash Eye Makeup Look

Here is the Classy Lash and what it looks like on from the Natural Lash Kit box!

Step 1: Apply a pale pink eye shadow from the base of your eyelid and blend it into the crease. 

Step 2: Now, take a shimmery white eyeshadow and apply it under your brow bone and into the corner of your eye for a soft and glowy look. 

Step 3: Grab your magnetic liquid eyeliner in black, and trace your lash-line with it. Once you have it applied, let it sit for 3 minutes to dry. 

Step 4: After your liner is dry, you can add your Classy Lash directly to your lash-line where the liner is and watch as it instantly locks into place. 

Classy Lash Reviews

Here is the Classy Lash include in the Natural Lash Kit!

"Love My Classy Lashes! I started wearing my Classy Lashes four months ago today, and I am still wearing the same pair. I love them! They last very well if taken well care of. My real lashes are horrible and with the Classy Lashes I actually have nice lashes. I wear them to work every day. I am so glad I found them and gave them a try!" —Lori

"Amazing! I'm not the best at putting lashes on with glue. They're either too wet, or they're placed wrong, and they get stuck to my eyelid. But these are absolutely amazing. I put my regular liner on and then go over it with the magnetic liner. I'll do my face as it dries, and the lashes attach so easily and perfectly every time! And they're easy to take off and replace them if need be. But they will not budge once you put them on. It was super windy here one day and I was worried they would come off in the corners, but nope they stayed exactly where I placed them. I HIGHLY recommend these! I have the style classy!" —Christina B.

"Classy lashes are just the perfect ones! I ordered the classy lashes. At first, I thought they'd be too small, but they are perfect and so pretty! I have smaller eyes, and these are perfect!" —Annah R.

All About The Cheeky Lash 

The Cheeky Lash is the smallest accent lash we have as part of our OG collection. It's perfect for very small eyes & for women that like to lash incognito.

Cheeky Lash Makeup Look

Here is a makeup look featuring the Baby Lash from MoxieLash!

Cheeky Magnetic Eyelash in the Natural Lash Kit!

Cheeky Lash Reviews

Classy Lash makeup looks and more in the MoxieLash Natural Lash Kit Unboxing!


"New Favorite Lashes! I love these new Cheeky lashes for everyday use. I would definitely repurchase these." —Frances A.

"LOVE! These are PERFECT for me. I have small eyes, and most false lashes look ridiculous on me. I have had several compliments, and they look amazing. —Ty S.

"Love my lashes! I was a little skeptical about buying these lashes, but I have wanted to for quite a while, I finally decided that it was time to try them, and I am so happy I did. They are so easy to apply, and they stay put all day. They are so beautiful. I have already ordered another pair, and I will continue to keep buying them." —Judith V.

All About The Magnetic Liquid Liner

Here is everything you need to know about the MoxieLash magnetic liquid eyeliner that is included in the Natural Lash Kit Unboxing!

The original Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner formula by MoxieLash is the first & still the best magnetic eyeliner on the market. The MoxieLash formula lasts all day; it's water, not alcohol-based. Experience a weather-proof, all day lash experience without losing your hold.

Magnetic Liquid Liner Tutorial


Here is the first step to applying your magnetic liquid eyeliner from MoxieLash.


Step 1:Start applying your magnetic liquid eyeliner at the inside corner of your eye and trace your lash-line until you get to the outside edge. You want to make sure that you get your liner as close to your lash-line as possible. Now, let it dry for 3 minutes. 

Here is the second step in applying your MoxieLash magnetic liquid eyeliner.


Step 2: Once your magnetic liquid eyeliner is completely dry to the touch, you can apply your magnetic lash. Just take your lash and set it along your lash-line where your magnetic liner is. It will instantly lock right into place. 

Magnetic Liquid Liner Review

"In love! Used my lashes for the first time over the weekend and was shocked at how truly easy they are to apply! I'll never get extensions again." —Andreea M.

"GREAT! It is so easy to apply. No mess! 1, 2, 3 and lashes are on. I will buy again, no doubt." —RV.

"Wonderful product! When the eyeliner came out, it was truly magic. It goes on smoothly and the lashes just click on and last all day. They make my 74-year-old eyes quite beautiful." —Sharlene B.

"Highly Recommend! This stuff is GREAT!!! I already use magnetic lashes, but this magnetic liner makes it that much easier!" —Lisa P.

Eyeliner Remover Swabs

Say goodbye to all your cleaning problems with our eyeliner remover swabs. Quickly remove the eyeliner off of your eye. It works like a charm! Infused with olive oil, no alcohol. Safe for your eyes!

Luxe Bag

Here is what the Luxe Bag looks like in the MoxieLash Natural Lash Kit unboxing!

Perfect for home or travel, our perfectly sized zipper pouch Luxe Bag keeps your MoxieLash products organized! 

Check out the full video review of our Daytime Lash Kit HERE on YouTube

If you need help with your purchase, have questions, or want to know what lash style would look best on you, contact us!

Have a wonderful day!



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