Dramatic Water Makeup Look Featuring Pretty Lash

With Halloween being right around the corner, we've been sharing with you different ways to get into the spooky spirit with cosmic makeup looks you can do at home. Ready to play dress-up with the element of water? Grab your makeup brushes, gorgeous! We've partnered with influencer Promise Tamange to bring you a stunning makeup tutorial featuring our NEW Pretty Magnetic Eyelash style


Get this etherial makeup look featuring influencer promise tamange and NEW magnetic lash style: Pretty Lash.

How to Get The Dramatic Water Makeup Look

Dive into the element of water for Halloween and recreate this otherworldly makeup look. Splash on bright blue eyeshadow with hints of white detail for an ethereal vibe that showcases our all NEW magnetic lash style: Pretty Lash. 

Check out everything you need to get started.  

  • Eyeshadow primer
  • Aqua eyeshadow
  • Dark blue eyeshadow
  • White liquid eyeliner
  • White liquid sparkles
  • White shimmery glitter
  • Fluffy blender eyeshadow brush
  • Flat eyeshadow brush
  • Black Magnetic Eyeliner
  • Pretty Magnetic Eyelash


About NEW Pretty Magnetic Lash

Before Pretty Lash


 Before Dolly Magnetic Eyelash Style from MoxieLash


After Pretty Lash

Pretty magnetic lash style from MoxieLash for Halloween.


Perfect for a date night, dress-up, or ever day—Pretty Lash gives a doe-like, flutter effect that's cute and also...rather sexy. Designed to be soft and feminine with medium volume, length, and curl.  

Pretty Lash Details

  • Natural full look
  • Even lash pattern
  • Wispy
  • Balances out eye shapes



Dramatic Water Look Makeup Tutorial Steps


Step 1: Prep your eyelids with either a concealer or eyeshadow primer. Make sure that you apply it from the base of your eyelid up to under your brows.  


Step 2: Sweep aqua blue eyeshadow into the crease of your eyelid with a fluffy blender brush. 


Step 3: Take a compact crease brush and define the crease with a darker blue eyeshadow.


Step 4:  Next, press a light concealer onto your lower eyelid with a flat, synthetic hair eyeshadow brush. 


Step 5: Highlight your inner eyelid with white eyeshadow using a flat shadow brush.  


Step 6: With an eyeliner brush, sweep your dark blue eyeshadow along your upper lash line. Lightly sweep it under your lower lash line as well. 


Step 7: Use a white liquid eyeliner to trace your crease and outer "v."


Step 8: Apply a liquid glitter to your lower eyelid and dust a shimmery glitter over the top. 


Step 9: Next, grab your MoxieLash Black Magnetic Eyeliner and get ready to make your eyes pop even more! Start at the inside corner of your eyelid close to your lash line. Trace along until you get to the outside corner of your eye. Let your magnetic liner dry for 3 minutes or until it is no longer tacky. 


 Step 10: Once your liner is dry, grab your Pretty Magnetic Eyelash style and hold it close to the eyeliner. It will instantly grasp onto the eyeliner and magnetize. 

 Watch the Dramatic Air Look Makeup Tutorial Video


For a more detailed look at how you can get this Cosmic Water Makeup Tutorial, make sure to watch our Youtube video. Follow along to get easy, step-by-step instructions. 


Want more? Find your perfect Halloween inspired makeup look featuring our NEW collection of magnetic lash styles on our Cosmic Forces page. If you have questions or need help choosing your best lash style, reach out at support@moxielash.com!


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