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    Dreamy Lash On 5 Different Eye Shapes!

    Today we are showing you how the new Dreamy Lash from the ultra colorful collection of Festival Lasheslooks like on 5 different eye shapes! Full of magic and whimsy, the Dreamy Lash was created for all your wildest dreams. In between dramatic and glam, this luxury mink lash is perfect in a stunning purple and teal blend. Want to see what it might look like on you? We are giving you a peek at how the Dreamy lash wears on a Hooded, Almond, Monolid, Round, and Deep-Set eyes. Check them out below!


    5 Different Eye Shapes - The Dreamy Lash from MoxieLash Festival Collection!

    The Dreamy Lash on 5 different eye shapes.

    If you don't know what eye shape you are, you can a look at our complete guide to finding your eye shape HERE. Once you figure it out, you can go to our full eyelash collection page and on the left hand side you will find our lash guide. Click your eye shape to find the best lashes just for you! 

    If you want to know what the Dreamy Lash will look like on your eye shape, scroll down! We're giving you all the details. 


    Dreamy Lash on Almond Shaped Eyes

    Here is the Dreamy Lash from the Festival Collection on an Almond Shape Eyelid.

    An almond-shaped eye is precisely that--almond-shaped. It is the eye shape that we are told is the ideal shape. Whatever that means. At MoxieLash, we think you should be proud of what you have...it's beautiful. Flaunt whatever eye shape you've got. We've got you.

    Dreamy Lash on Monolid Shaped Eyes

    Monolid eye shape wearing the Dreamy Lash from the MoxieLash festival collection.

    Monolid eye shapes mean that there isn't much of a crease in the eye. Wearing a big and bold lash like the Dreamy Lash really helps to open up the eye shape. Plus, the purple lash tips make those brown eyes pop-- don't you agree?


    Dreamy Lash On Deep-Set Eye Shape 

    Dreamy Lash on Deep Set Eyes

     We love the Dreamy Lash on these beautiful deep-set eyes! Because of the length of these lashes, it really draws out the eyes and makes them more pronounced. 


    Dreamy Lash on Hooded Eyes

    Dreamy Lash on Hooded Eye Shape.

     Hooded eyes just mean that there isn't much space between where the eyelid crease folds over and the lash-line. Here, you can see how the Dreamy Lash opens up this eye shape. You can't even tell that she has Hooded eyes at all!

    Dreamy Lash on Round Eyes

    Dreamy Lash on a round eye shape!

    Here is what the Dreamy Lash looks like on round and big eyes! You can see that it makes them stand out even more and balances out the roundness of her eyes.

    We hope you enjoyed checking out what the Dreamy Lash looks like on these 5 very unique eye shapes! You can see our entire collection of Festival Lashes HERE. Or, you can shop all of our other day to night lashes HERE.

    If you need help choosing a lash style, please email us at info@moxielash.com and, we would be happy to help.



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