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    Enhance Your Eyes With Sunny and Stormy Magnetic Lash Styles!

    Do you know what's fun? Making the hidden colors in your eyes more vivid than their natural shade—and we're going to show you how. Our Stormy and Sunny Magnetic Lash styles are slightly colored with an ombré effect. Both lash styles go from a deep black to a pop of color that brightens and enhances your eye's shade. Check out these two gorgeous lash styles with makeup looks to go with them!  


    All About Sunny Lash

    Sunny Magnetic Lash Style enhances green, brown, and blue eyes!


    If you have green, brown, or blue eyes, you're going to want to pay attention—theSunny Magnetic Lash style is for you! When you wear hints of red on or around these eye colors, it makes their shade more vivid! The Sunny lash starts as a deep black and ombré's up to a gorgeous and beautiful blend of red and deep orange. The combination has us swooning.




    Get the Sunny Lash Look

    Make your green eyes pop with colored magnetic lashes.


    Make green, blue, and brown eyes brighter with colored magnetic lashes!


    Wearing a colorful lash style doesn't need to be overly dramatic. You can absolutely wear the Sunny Lash in your everyday makeup look, and we're going to show you how! Check out this easy step-by-step makeup tutorial.


    Step One: Prep your eyelids by using the Urban Decay primer potion all over your eyelid.


    Step Two: Press a golden shimmery eyeshadow all over your lower eyelid and blend it into the contour of your eyes with a fluffy blender eyeshadow brush.


    Step Three: Now, take a matte brown eyeshadow and your fluffy blender eyeshadow brush and sweep it into the contour of your eyes. This step adds a slight definition to your eye shape.


    Step Four: OK, now it's time to do the magic. Line your eyes with your Black Magnetic Eyeliner by starting at the inside corner of your eyes and tracing along your lash line until you get to be outside corner. Allow your MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner to dry for three entire minutes or until no longer tacky. 


    Step Five: Next, grab your Sunny Magnetic Lash style and hold it next to your magnetic liner. Watch as it instantly magnetizes and secures along your lash line.


    All About Stormy Lash

    Check out the Stormy Magnetic Lash style from MoxieLash! Make your eye color stand out.


    Our Stormy Magnetic Lash is truly a universal magnetic lash style in both shape and color! Its three-dimensional lash pattern works for all eye shapes, and the dark black to deep-dark-blue ombré lash fibers enhance every eye shade. Stormy Magnetic Lash style brings out the gold in brown eyes, the depth of blue in blue eyes, the hint of blue in green eyes, and the green/gold shade in hazel eyes. 


    Get The Stormy Lash Look

    Stormy Lash Magnetic Lash Look that enhances the color of your eyes!


    If you want to enhance the color and shape of your eyes, Stormy Lash is ideal. We're going to show you how you can wear this colorful magnetic lash style as an everyday choice with this basic makeup tutorial.



    Step One: Sweep on a cream shimmery eyeshadow all along your lower eyelid.


    Step Two: Next, sweep a medium brown eyeshadow shade into the contour of your eyes with your fluffy blender eyeshadow brush.


    Step Three: You can take that same shade and sweep it underneath your lower lash line to add just a hint of smoke and definition.


    Step Four: To give your eyes some lift and glow, sweep a cream-colored eyeshadow underneath your brows and into the corner of your eyes. This step helps to open up your eyes and make them appear brighter and more awake.


    Step Five: Now, it's time for your magnetic liner! Start at the inside corner of your eye. Sweep along your lash line until you get to the outside corner. You can add a second layer if you would like and even make it extend a bit at the end for a winged liner look.


    Step Six: Next, grab your Stormy Lash and place it next to your lash line. It will instantly secure into place.

    Now that you know how to use your two slightly colored magnetic lash styles, we have fantastic news! Spend $110 at MoxieLash.com, and will give you one of these lashes for free! Don't wait—they won't last long!





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