Everything You Need to Know About Magnetic Eyeliner

And are all brands the same?


 Here's a big question: are all magnetic eyeliner and lash brands the same? What about the formula, its safety, and how long it holds false lashes? We're dishing out all the answers to everything you could ask about magnetic liquid liner. Keep reading to find out more in this 101 guide.


Is Magnetic Eyeliner Safe to Use Around the Eyes?



Yes! But, with anything, skin irritation is a personal thing, and what might not bother one person could bother another. If you're worried about an allergic reaction or have sensitive skin, talk to your doctor before using magnetic eyeliner.  


In general, though, glue on false eyelashes has a much higher  irritation and toxicity rate. And if you get lash extensions, you risk having a major allergic reaction. 


What is in Magnetic Eyeliner?


Magnetic eyeliner is the best on the market.


Iron Oxide is the main ingredient that attracts to magnetic lashes. It also gives magnetic eyeliner its rich color—which is why clear magnetic eyeliner is not a thing.


As far as the whole ingredient list breakdown, every brand is different in how they formulate their liquid liner. Many brands add additional adhesive (glue) into their magnetic eyeliner, making them not entirely magnetic.


MoxieLash believes in transparency with ingredients and is the only real magnetic eyeliner on the market. We don't dilute or add glue to our proprietary Magnetic Eyeliner—and no one else can compete with the results. You can check out our entire ingredient list HERE. 


Does Magnetic Eyeliner really work?


Does magnetic eyeliner really work?

According to celebrities, influencers, and the everyday lash addict, they absolutely do! If you are looking for a quick way to get a lash extension look at home, magnetic eyeliner and lashes will do the trick. Plus, unlike glue on eyelashes, you can literally switch out your lash style mid-day if you want. Once your liner is completely dry, click on your favorite eyelash style. If you're going to change it up, simply remove what you have on, and add your next falsie. 


Which Magnetic Eyeliner Brand is the Best? 

Which magnetic eyeliner brand is the best? 

While many competing magnetic eyelash brands are on the market today, not all of them stack up. When you're searching for the best brand, it comes down to cost, efficiency, staying power, formula, and what you get.


Drugstore Brands: As we all know, this will be the cheapest magnetic lash option. Brands like Ardell, Kiss, and Eyelure are great for their price point and accessibility—but their magnetic eyeliner and lashes get a 3-star rating from customers. Why? According to reviews, the magnets aren't strong enough, lashes easily break, and the liner is hard to use. 


With this feedback, we can guess that it would also be difficult to reuse the lash strip again and again. 


Amazon's Magnetic Eyeliner Brands: Most of the eyelash brands you'll find on Amazon come from the same place. The pre-packaged lashes and liner are stamped with different names and sold at a less expensive price. Quality of product isn't guaranteed—but they can be cheaper than higher-end lashes (like MoxieLash) that'll get your 60+ uses. 



Moxie Lashes & Liner: As an innovative magnetic lash brand with a passion for simplifying your lash routine. We take your magnetic falsies seriously. 


  • Lashes are designed by makeup artists
  • Magnetic Eyeliner is formulated and tested by makeup artists
  • No glue in formula
  • Iron Oxide is main ingredient
  • All ingredients safe and non-toxic on EWG
  • Waterproof
  • Vitamin E
  • Holds magnetic lashes all day, all night
  • Up to 60+ lash wears
  • 10 micro-magnets on lash band
  • Comfortable 
  • Amazing customer support if you need help
  • Beautiful community of happy customers


Can You Use it with Any Magnetic Lash?


In general, it's best to use a system that goes together. MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner is uniquely designed to magnetize to its custom-designed eyelashes. We have gorgeous lash kits that include the liner with multiple lash options to get started. 


Is There a Magnetic Eyeliner That's Clear?



We have an entire blog post answering all of your questions about clear magnetic liner. But in short, the answer is no because it requires Iron Oxide, a dark black ingredient. However, we do have a clear eyeliner option called Lashies Liner that works with its specialty-designed eyelashes. 


Are There Colored Liner Options? 


MoxieLash has two colored eyeliner options to choose from: Brown and Cocoa. Both have Iron Oxide to make them magnetize to magnetic eyelashes. 


Best Way to Apply Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner?

 The best way to apply magnetic liquid eyeliner


With the MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner, you can get the perfect cat eye or classic eyeliner look with its precision tip applicator. Follow the steps below for the best practices for magnetic liners. 


  1. Start by resting the elbow of the arm you will be using to apply the liner on a flat surface. 
  2. With the other hand, hold the MoxieLash Mirror under your chin and look down into the mirror. This will give you the best view of your lash line. 
  3. Begin at the inner corner of your eye and start making short, feathery dashes close to the lash line that connect.
  4.  Once you get to the end of your lash line, you can extend the liner as far as you want. If your eyes tilt down, make the liner go up at an angle.
  5.  Let the magnetic eyeliner dry for a full three minutes. 
  6.  Finish the look by attaching your favorite magnetic eyelash style from MoxieLash. 

Read more on how to apply magnetic eyeliner!

Read the Moxie Reviews

Read MoxieLash reviews


 "I've tried other brands, including another big brand magnetic liner, and they are all sticky, and I hate that! This is the first one that actually dries down completely, so it's easy to adjust the lashes if necessary. And it has amazing hold. I highly recommend." —Bree


"I've been using Moxie Lash's black magnetic eyeliner with the lashes for a while and am very pleased with it. Shake it really well, and it'll hold all day with just one coat! It does flake off a little at the eye corner after about 11-12 hours, but that's expected. It's easily removed with Micellar water or oil-based eye makeup remover. Great product and worth the price!" —Cami


"The Magnetic Eyeliner is so easy to apply and looks great! The eyelashes adhere perfectly and stay for a full 14 hours with no problems, including watering eyes from pollen. Removal is easy as well. I highly recommend MoxieLash!" —Susan


"So easy to apply and connect lashes. Love it!" —Isabel


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