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    Fake Lashes After 50!

    Wearing fake lashes after 50 has never been so easy! Plus, according to J-Lo, age is nothing but a number you're never too mature to glam up your eyes. Today we're showing you a few before and afters of women who are older than fifty wearing MoxieLash lashes and loving them! Plus, we'll walk you through a quick guide on how to apply your magnetic lashes with our easy-on, 3-minute lash application method. 

    Wearing fake MoxieLash magnetic lashes after 50!

    The amazing thing about MoxieLash magnetic lashes is that they are so easy to apply. If you've ever struggled with applying traditional lashes before (hello, glue), then you're going to LOVE these! In just three minutes, you will have the lashes you want without any complication. We'll show you how, in a quick and easy, step-by-step guide below.

    Before we do that though, here are a few before and afters of women wearing our lashes who are over 50, that love them!

     Fake Lashes After 50, Before and After!

    How to wear fake lashes when you are older than 50 years old with MoxieLash magnetic lashes.


    Wearing Sexy Lash from MoxieLash magnetic Lashes!

    This lovely lady is wearing our Sexy Lashes


    How to wear Sassy Lashes after 50 years old from MoxieLash magnetic lashes!

    Wearing Sassy Lashes from MoxieLash after 50 years old!

    Here, this stunning lady (who is barely 50), is wearing our Sassy Lashes!

    How To Apply MoxieLash Magnetic Lashes After 50!

    Step 1: First, you need to figure out what lash style you want for your eye shape. Don't be afraid to try a full lash if you are over 50...we promise that no matter what age you are, our lashes are still going to look stunning on you. 

    If you need help choosing a lash style, you can always contact us at info@moxielash.com, and we will gladly help you select your best lash fit.

    Next, apply your magnetic eyeliner from MoxieLash along your lash line.

    Step 2: Next, you want to grab your Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner and apply it along your upper lash-line. Make sure that it is applied as close to your lash-line as possible. Once you have finished, let it dry for 3 minutes or until it is completely dry to the touch.

    Next, apply your magnetic eyelash as close to your lash-line as possible- it will instantly attach to your magnetic eyeliner.

    Step 3: Last, grab your MoxieLash magnetic lash style and apply it next to your lash-line. Watch as your lashes instantly lock into place to the magnetic eyeliner. It takes just two seconds! 

    No matter what age you are, the MoxieLash magnetic lashes are for you! Because they are so easy to apply, anyone can do it! 

    You can shop our collection of magnetic lashes HERE!




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