Favorite Spring Lashes With Reviews, and Before and Afters!

You’ve seen the top makeup trends for Spring, and now you're wondering if you need to switch up your lash style too. The answer is, yes, and no! Lashes are a personal thing, and you need to wear whatever makes you comfortable. However, we would be kidding ourselves if we told you that we didn’t have some favorite lashes for Spring at MoxieLash. Check them out below!

Spring magnetic eyelash picks from MoxieLash that you're going to love! 


One of the best things about MoxieLash magnetic lash styles is that you can easily switch them up. So, if you start your day feeling one Spring lash style and then dinner rolls around and you want to go bigger, longer, and fuller — you can! They are hands down, the best false lashes for at-home application. 


Favorite Spring Lashes:

 After much debate and conversation with our MoxieLash Team, we landed on these 3 magnetic lashes for Spring in no particular order. They are all perfect for accentuating and complimenting your Spring makeup looks.


Spring Lash #1: Cheeky

Cheeky lash for a spring magnetic eyelash pick from MoxieLash!


For that “minimalist” Spring makeup look, we’re all about the Cheeky Lash. It’s the smallest accent lash we have as part of our OG collection and is perfect for very small eyes and woman that like to lash incognito.


Cheeky Lash Before and After

Cheeky Lash before and after lash from MoxieLash.


Cheeky Lash Review

Cheeky Lash magnetic eyelash for a stunning lash that accentuates the eyes for spring. 

“These lashes are amazing! So fast and easy to apply. Perfect for the daytime. Just the right length for beautiful everyday lashes.”—Deeana N.




Spring Lash #2: Flirty

Wearing Flirty Lash as a stunning spring eyelash from MoxieLash.


Doesn’t Spring make you feel a little flirty? The Flirty Lash is a beautiful Faux-Mink lash that's designed to look like it's real mink. Perfect for the girl with medium-large sized eyes.


Flirty Lash Before and After

Flirty Lash from MoxieLash Before and After!



Flirty Lash Review

Flirty Lash is a gorgeous magnetic eyelash for Spring from MoxieLash.


“Flirty lashes! I love the flirty lashes I get so many compliments when I wear them or any other lashes I get from you.” —Yvette A





Spring Lash #3: Hippy

Hippy Lash for Spring 2020 magnetic lash looks.

It’s not really Spring unless you’re wearing color, right? We had to include one of our bright and colorful lashes in this favorite Spring lash line-up. The Hippy Lash is a stunning fuchsia with a hint of black, and the brightest in our Festival Collection. Perfect for deep-set and almond eyes, with full color and drama that will enhance their size.


Hippy Lash Before and After

Hippy Magnetic Eyelash in the color pink for Spring magnetic lashes!

Hippy Lash Review

Hippy Magnetic Eyelash for MoxieLash spring lash collection.

“Beautiful and easy! I have tried several brands of magnetic lashes with magnetic liner. These are by far the most lush! And the color is outstanding. Thanks, Moxie for giving us a choice besides black!” —Carol D.



Which of our favorite Spring magnetic lashes are you going to wear? Let us know in the comments!

You can check out our full collection of magnetic lashes, HERE! If you need help, please reach out to us at info@moxielash.com




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308 Reviews




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