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    Find Your Best Magnetic Eyelash for Your Eye Shape

    Finding your best magnetic eyelash for your eye shape isn't always easy. We get it. With so many unique eye shapes like almond, hooded, mono-lid, deep-set, and round— choosing a fake eyelash style can feel a little overwhelming. But, just like finding the best hairstyle for your face shape, different lashes flatter different eyes and can even dramatically change the way they look. So, we're going to break down what false lash styles will work best for different eye shapes, so the next time you choose a lash style, it's a total breeze. 


    Here is your guide to find your best magnetic Eyelash for your eye shape!

    Below you will find our guide to figuring out which MoxieLash Magnetic Eyelash style will work best for you! But before we get into it, you should know that all of our lash styles are created and crafted to work for everyone! That's the beauty of our uniquely designed lashes. Now that you know, let's get this party started so you can find your very best fit. 



    Discovering Your Eye Shape

    First, you need to figure out your eye shape! So, grab a mirror and give them an honest assessment. 

    1. Are your eyes more pointed at the ends, or are they round?
    2. Is your brow bone more prominent, or is your brow bone flat?

    Check out the descriptions below of each eye shape to find which one represents you best. 


    Almond Shaped Eyes

     Get the full list of what lashes pair best with almond shaped eyes!

    If you have almond-shaped eyes, they will be slightly pointed at the ends, with your iris (the colored part of your eyes) touching both your upper and lower lids. To best frame your oval eyes, you want to use a lash that is full, wispy, and has dramatic length. Our favorite lash for an oval eye shape is our Sassy Magnetic Eyelash

    Almond Eye Shape Options:

    Deep Set Eyes

    Magnetic lashes for deep set eyes from MoxieLash!

    Ladies with a deep-set eye shape have eyes that sit under the brow bone. This means you want to choose lashes that curl up and away from eyes—like our MoxieLash Magnetic Baddy Eyelash, that helps to lift and open them up.

    Hooded Shaped Eyes

    Lashes for hooded eye shapes

    Hooded eyes mean that you have an eyelid crease that is hidden or less visible. It could also mean that your brow bone is more prominent and so you have less eyelid space. This eye shape can be a little more difficult to apply fake lashes too, but don't worry. We've got you! To make your eyes "pop"— use a lash that has longer hair in the center, adding the illusion of depth. We recommend our Flashy Magnetic Eyelashfor our hooded eyed beauties. 


    Mono-lid Eye Shape

    Lashes for mono-lid eye shapes!

    With a mono-lid eye shape, the eyelid crease won't be visible. So, to accentuate and balance it out, you need to choose lashes that are feathery and emphasize the outer edge. Our Baby Lashis our multi-layered, fluttery Magnetic Eyelash with a bit of flare on the ends, making it the perfect compliment for this eye. 


    Round Eye Shape

    Magnetic lashes for round eye shapes!

    If you have round eyes, your iris will be mostly visible. With this eye shape, you want to avoid using any heavy lashes that might make your eyes look smaller. Instead, choose a lightweight lash that lifts and curves your top lid like our Flashy Magnetic Eyelash

    Want to see our entire lash collection? 


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