Flirty vs Flashy Magnetic Lash Styles

Flirty or Flashy? Flashy or Flirty? Which is the best lash for your eyes? Keep reading to learn which of our most popular bold lashes fit you best.


Here is the difference between flirty and flashy magnetic eyelash styles!



Meet the Flashy Lash 


Flashy magnetic eyelash style is the perfect combo of every day and glam!


Fluttery, full, and beautiful—sounds like you? Our Flashy Lash puts you in the center of attention. Made with full mink, wispy lashes, you’ll get full drama whether you pair them with a smokey eye, bright pastels, or nothing at all. The Flashy Lash has tapered edges to really emphasize and elongates your eyes to give a foxy, cat shape that will turn heads.


Meet the Flirty Lash



Simple, sleek, and long, the Flirty Lash will have anyone staring into your eyes for hours. With long, natural-looking lashes, you can give any look the right amount of pop that it needs to put your eyes at the focus. Pair these lashes with a bold black liner for a timeless, yet retro look to party the night away while looking your best. The Flirty Lash brings the femme into any look you want. 


Flashy vs Flirty Lash 

The time has come. Let’s put our two lashes head to head to see which comes out on top. 


Before and After of Flashy Magnetic Eyelash

Before and after of Flashy lash

Before and After of Flirty Magnetic Eyelash


Before and after of Flirty magnetic eyelash style.


Flashy Lash

Flirty Lash

  • Premium Mink
  • Tapered ends give shape to round eyes 
  • Full band with varying lengths of lashes 
  • Lashes packed tight for a fuller, more voluminous look
  • Faux-Mink
  • Balances Medium to Large shaped eyes 
  • Opens almond eyes because of longer middle lashes 
  • Lashes spread across band to create a more natural look

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes 


Now that you have found your ultimate lash (maybe it’s both), it’s time to pop them on. We were the first-ever creators of magnetic lashes and magnetic liners. Since the creation of our first-ever lash, we have innovated both our lashes and liners to create a simple three step process that makes applying false lashes easier than ever before. Here’s how it’s done:


Step 1: Apply the magnetic liner

Our magnetic liner comes in many different colors and is available in both a liquid and gel-like pomade. No matter which formula you choose, the application is simple. Just swipe as close to the lash line as possible to create a base for your lashes to pop on to. 


Step 2: Let the liner dry completely 

Our unique formula is unlike any other. When we created our liner, we wanted it to last all day long. Because of this, our formula needs about two minutes to dry. This allows the best hold for both the lashes and on your skin. 


Step 3: Watch the lashes POP into place

Once the liner is completely dry, you’re ready! Simply hold your lash up to your eye and watch as it magically sticks into place. 


Which Will You Choose?

Are you feeling flirty? Maybe you want a little more flash in your look? Whatever you are feeling, either of these lashes will help you take your routine to the next level without adding any extra effort or time. Choose your lash mood now! 

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