With the voice of an angel and lashes of a beauty influencer, there’s a lot to love about Frankie Grande. His beauty and confidence comes from within, and you can reach Frankie’s levels of positivity, style, and glamour with his favorite sets from MoxieLash. These easy-to-apply, ultra-voluminous lashes follow him from the street to the Broadway stage, and symbolize Grande’s dramatic flair and appreciation for the beautiful things in life. “Shine bright like a Frankie” is an actual tagline that he and his family use to describe the actor/singer/YouTube personality. And you can do just that with the right pair of lashes from MoxieLash!


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Ten Questions With Frankie Grande 

Learn more about Frankie Grande and his signature style below in this exclusive interview! We are so excited to share with you this sweet soul who also happens to love MoxieLash. 



Q 1: How did you get into the beauty world and what has it taught you?


A: My first Broadway show brought me into the beauty world! I was cast in Mamma Mia on Broadway right after I graduated college and the boy I was sitting next to in the men’s dressing room was really into makeup and so he taught me the basics... and the rest is history! To me, makeup is an outward expression of your inner emotions. Through a few waves of a brush I can convey happiness, ferocity, fierceness, moodiness, or just pure glamour and it has taught me tools I use everyday to boost my confidence!

Happy Kit


Happy Kit



Q 2: If you could give us three of your best beauty tips, what would they be?


A: Moisturize right before you put on your foundation, hydration is so important internally and on the surface of your skin. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Find inspiration EVERYWHERE.


"I am a wifey and a happy lash kind of guy!" —Frankie Grande


Q 3: We already know you love MoxieLash, but what are your most favorite lash styles and why?


A: I am a wifey and a happy lash kind of guy! I just find those styles fit my eye shape really well and are the 2 perfect levels of drama so I can use one or the other for any occasion.


Q 4: What’s your best MoxieLash tip for someone just getting started with our lashes?


A: If you plan on switching out the lashes multiple times in a day, which I do if I’m going from stage to street or day to night, let the magnetic liquid liner dry for 10 full minutes so you don’t have to reapply!


Q 5: If you could give a younger you one piece of advice, what would it be? 


A: Don’t read the comments! ;)


Q 6: Who are your biggest inspirations for beauty, life, and being you without apology? 

A: Why the women of my family of course! Nonna, Mom and Ari are always inspiring me to shine bright like a Frankie... and I love them so much!

Sassy Kit


Sassy Kit



Q 7: What would you say to someone struggling with their identity and confidence?


A: Don't. God made you EXACTLY how you are supposed to be and by living your unapologetic truth you are sharing a gift with the world.


Q 8: What inspired the tagline: “Shine bright like a Frankie and when people throw shade, SHINE BRIGHTER!” ?


A: Most people associate me with joy, glitter and positivity... and I have learned through trial and error that when people have something negative to say about me and the way I shine the ONLY way to combat that is so SHINE BRIGHTER! Hate does not extinguish hate, it feeds it. Only love can conquer hate. So I wanted my tag line to reflect that lesson so others might learn it the easy way and not the hard way.


Q 9: Can you tell us more about Appa Grande? We’re a little (okay, a lot) obsessed. 


A: OMG APPA! What a magical gift from above. My boyfriend has been begging me for a puppy and finally with COVID and quarantine we finally had the time to raise one, so I said let’s get one. And it turns out it was fate that we got Appa! We very much wanted a red toy poodle and the breeder we called said there was a one year waiting list UNLESS COVID closed the borders to Canada as they had a show dog puppy scheduled to be flown there shortly! And as we all know, the boarders stayed closed, and weeks later we had Appa. It was meant to be.


Q 10: Moxie means “a force of character, determination, or nerve.” — How do you keep it Moxie? 


"None of  it Could Be Done Without a Daily Dose of Moxie" —Frankie Grande

Natural Kit


Natural Kit


A: Honestly, sobriety. I am 3.5 years sober and the lessons I have learned to get to this place have been life changing and substantial. And NONE OF IT could be done without a daily dose of Moxie. So I’ve gotten really good and channeling it!


There you have it! Frankie Grande’s secrets to success? Positivity, love, beauty… and the right pair of false lashes. He’s an incredibly talented actor, singer, and beauty guru that we love having in our MoxieLash family, and your makeup looks will never be the same after incorporating his best style tips. Hydrate, lash, repeat! We love, you Frankie!


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