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    Gold Shimmer: Office to Party Makeup Look For the Holidays

    With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, I wanted to start our holiday looks off with a gold shimmer makeup look that can easily transition from the office to a holiday party. Featuring the MoxieLash 'Baby Lash,' Baddy Lash,' and high-tech magnetic eyeliner—I'll show you just the steps to make your eyes pop in only minutes. This eye makeup look is easy enough for any skill level. So grab your makeup brushes, beauty! Let's play. 

    Get this makeup look featuring MoxieLash Magnetic Eyelashes that will take you from the office, to a holiday party in minutes!

    As a mom of three little ones and running my own buisness (es), time is definitely of the essence. That's why I love MoxieLash so much. These genius magnetic lashes allow me to glam up in minutes, but look like I spent some serious time carefully crafting each lash to perfection. To be honest, I don't have the time for that anymore, but I still want to look like I do! 

    I'm sure some of you are in the same boat as I am. And, with all the festivities creeping upon us, it can feel stressful to go from the office to a holiday party and try to look completely put together. I get it. This is why I am going to show how to easily go from a day to night time look in a matter of minutes with MoxieLash Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner and magnetic lashes. 

    Gold Shimmer Eye Makeup Look

    Here is everything you need to get a gorgeous makeup look for your holiday look.


    We're keeping this simple, my friends! All you need for eyeshadow is a shimmery gold shade as your primary color and an eggshell or shimmery pearl eyeshadow to highlight. Next, you'll need the MoxieLash' Baby' and 'Baddy' magnetic lashes, and of course the one and only, MoxieLash Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner. 

    What You Need:

    For the Office

     Step 1: Prime your eyelids with an eyeshadow primer. I prefer using the Urban Decay Potion Primer because it's creamy and really holds on eyeshadow.


     Step 2: Next, grab your gold shimmery eyeshadow and a flat eyeshadow brush. Press the color onto your full eyelid. It's essential that you press your eyeshadow shade on instead of using a sweeping motion. This just prevents your eyeshadow from accidentally flicking onto unwanted areas of your face. You can also add the same color under your lower lash line.


    Blend your eyeshadow into the contour of your eye with an eyeshadow blending brush.

    Step 3: Now, take a clean blending eyeshadow brush and blend the same gold shimmery eyeshadow into the contour of your eyes.

    Pop a shimmery pearl eyeshadow under your brow bone.

    Step 4: Then you want to clean off your flat eyeshadow brush, dip it into your cream or pearl eyeshadow and sweep it under your brow bone. You can also place it next to the corners of your eye to add some brightness and illuminate that area.

    Apply MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner for a gorgeous liner look.

    Step 5: Now for the magic. Grab your black MoxieLash Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner and gently sweep it along your lash line. I like to start at the inner corner of my lash line and slowly glide along until I hit the outer edge. Then I extend the liner out just a bit to add the tiniest wing.

    Important: You want to wait two minutes for your magnetic eyeliner to dry. Trust me, babe—this step is crucial to remember. If you don't wait the full two minutes, your magnetic lashes won't magnetize to it's fullest potential. Also, you'll get eyeliner residue on the magnets on your lash strip. So, just wait.

    Apply your MoxieLash magnetic lashes for a stunning office makeup look for the holidays.

    Step 6: Now that your eyeliner is completely dry, you can grab your 'Baby Lash' and apply it as close to your lash line as possible. This lash gives the most gorgeous lift the eye. And good news: it's wearable for all eye shapes.

    Get this holiday makeup look featuring the Baby Lash from MoxieLash and a gold shimmery eyeshadow.

    Your office look is done (at least your eyes anyways).

    Vamp It Up For Your Holiday Party!

    So this is where you're going to your MoxieLash Magnetic Lashes and everything else "Moxie." All you have to do to vamp up your eyes is to switch out your lash styles. Here's how you do it. 

    day to night magnetic eyeliner look using MoxieLash!
    Step 1: Remove your 'Baby Lash' by gently lifting one side of the lash band and pulling it towards the other side. Once it's completely off, place it back into the protective box it came it. This is important—you don't want to damage your lashes, especially because they last up to 30 uses!
    Step 2: Grab your MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner, do a quick touch up and let it dry for two minutes. Then add on your 'Baddy Lash'. You're done. 
    Applying red lipstick for your day to night holiday look.
    Step 3: If you want to add just a little extra to this look, slide on a red lip. That's always high-impact with little effort. 

    Gold Shimmer: Complete the Look!

    Glam makeup look with gold shimmer for the holidays.

    Now that you know how to take your gold shimmer eye makeup look from the office to a holiday party in no time, I wanted to share with you my entire look. I am 36, so everything I do in my makeup routine is to add a dose of youth.

    Step 1: I applied my W3LL People foundation with a Beauty Blender. I like this foundation because it has buildable coverage, which is important to me. 

    Foundation Tip: Start at the center of your face and blend out towards your hairline. We collect the most discoloration at the center of our face…so start there.

    Step 2: Then I used a pop of pink blush on the apples of my cheeks for color. Plus, a touch of bronzer under the cheekbones, side of my forehead, and jawline. 

    Blush Tip: Use light pressure and apply your blush with a figure "8" motion starting at the apples of your cheeks and going towards your hairline at an angle. 

    Step 3: Now, highlight your face! Here is where you should apply it!

    • Above your cheekbones
    • Above your brows
    • Bridge of your nose
    • Center of your chin
    • Above the cupid's bow. 

    Highlighter Tip: I personally like to use a cream highlighter that is low on glitter so that my face "glows" and doesn't "sparkle."

    Lipgloss for Day/ Lipstick for Night: For day-- you can wear a simple gloss. But for night, try red lipstick. If red lipstick seems a bit intimidating, you can tap a little onto your lips with your finger for a gorgeous stained look.

    holiday makeup look with gold shimmer and red lips.

    Alright, friends, that is my complete walkthrough for this office to party makeup look! Remember, simple is still gorgeous, and you don't have to be a professional to wear MoxieLash! The learning curve is so easy. You can check out the entire collection of MoxieLash Magnetic Eyelashes too! There are a ton of lash kits to get you started if your new. And—if you need help choosing a lash style, you can always ask for help atinfo@moxielash.com


    Kendra (citizensofbeauty.com) with MoxieLash

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