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    The Unicorn of Lashes: Happy Lash Magnetic Lash Style Reviews

    If you don’t own a pair of the happiest lashes on earth, the MoxieLash Happy Lash, you will after this. It’s basically the unicorn of all lash styles—full, wispy, and mimics the look of lash extensions in just three minutes with the power of our magnetic eyeliner. But don’t take our word for it, check out these reviews below and find out for yourself just how amazing they really are.


    Happy Magnetic Eyelash style reviewed by real customers from MoxieLash magnetic eyelashes!

    The Happy Lash Magnetic Lash style is made with black mink, and handcrafted with evenly distributed layers of 3D, voluminous lashes. It’s long in length with 5 magnets for larger eye sizes, but can be customized for smaller eye shapes. Read our fake lash-trimming blog post about, HERE.


    Happy magnetic lash style is a stunning fake eyelash that everyone one is obsessed with!


    Real Happy Lash Customer Reviews

    Happy Lash review from moxielash customer.


    “Happy makes me happy! I missed my lash extensions and decided to give these a try. Happy is lightweight, super easy to apply, and they stayed on all day in this AZ summer heat.” —Nicole R.


    Wearing Happy Lash magnetic lash styles by real customers.


    “Received my Happy lashes very quickly. I also got the mini liquid liner. That's gonna be a bit of a learning curve for me, it's kind of thick, but I'm gonna get there! The Happy lashes are really beautiful and well made. They are pretty easy to get on, make sure the liner is completely dry. However, they unfortunately look HUGE on me. I felt sort of like a sexy clown🤣🤣 So obviously i need a smaller style. Otherwise, i love everything about Moxie Lashes!” —Liz W.


    Real customer wearing Happy Lash from MoxieLash.


    “Love these lashes!” —Cynthia M.


    More MoxieLash Happy Reviews!

    Happy Lash reviews by real customers!


    “The prettiest lashes I own! As soon as I saw them, I ordered them. They are the perfect shape and fullness - enough to be noticed and open your eyes, but not too much for every day.” —Abbie G.


    “LOVE Happy Lashes! I have so much more confidence wearing these lashes. They really make your eyes pop! Happy lashes are my all time favorite lashes ever! I recommend! They aren’t too long and aren’t to short. They are just right.” —Katelyn S.


    “Happy lashes make me feel, well, HAPPY! 😁 I did have to trim these down from 5 to 4 magnets, and am also using the gel liner for the first time and L💛VE it!!! No more irritation! If you have sensitive skin, try the magnetic gel instead of the liquid-total game changer + I can now wear my lashes daily!” —M


    Get your Happy Lash today!


    Happy Magnetic Eyelash style customer reviews!


    Shop Happy Lash, HERE!


    Need help? We are more than happy to help you with your lash purchase. If you have questions, please reach out to us at info@moxielash.com!




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