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    Baby Blues? Here's how you can make them really POP!

    Are you looking to make those blue eyes pop? Then we have just the tutorial for you! Learn how to enhance your baby blues with the right colors, tones, techniques, and shades. Ready to get lost in those ocean eyes? We sure are...

     Here's how to make blue eyes pop with eyeshadow colors and lashes from MoxieLash!


    Color Theory: The Colors That Work Best For Blue Eyes


    First things first. Your eyes are a canvas, and you are a painter, so it’s essential to understand the theory of Color Theory. Though this may seem like a daunting lesson at first, Color Theory could not be easier to understand. Here are the basics that you need to know when attempting to paint your crystal clear eyes like a pro.

     Primary color wheel and how to use it to pop blue eye colors.


    On the color wheel, there are 3 primary colors: blue, red, and yellow, and three secondary colors: purple, orange, and green. When trying to find colors that complement those baby blues, take a quick peek at the color wheel. Locate the color that lies directly across from the very color you are seeking to compliment. For example, on the Color Wheel, the color that lies directly across from blue is the color orange.


    So, now that you have mastered the art of the color theory flawlessly, it is time to get to the tone of things. When choosing colors and tones that compliment your eyes, reach for warmer, earthier nudes, browns, reds, and oranges. These tones will naturally enhance the color of your eyes while ensuring the maximum amount of head-turning!





    Here are the colors you need to make your blue eyes stand out.


    So, what’s next, you might ask? The key to making your blue eyes pop is to gather the proper makeup products, and these are some of our favorites that definitely don’t disappoint:



     Step By Step Makeup Tutorial to Enhance Blue Eyes


    Here is your step-by-step tutorial to take your eyes from wow, to WOW!



    Step 1: Lay your base. Start by blending a warm, neutral transition shade across the eyelid and into the crease. While you’re at it, go ahead and blend that same shade into your lower lash line as well.



    Step 2: Mix two warmer shades together: one more brown, the other more orange, and blend into the corners, crease, and lower lash line. This creates depth and definition for your eyes.



    Step 3: Take your favorite deep, warm shimmery shade and apply it along the lid of your eye. Blend it from the inward out with your fingertips.


    Next apply your brown magnetic eyeliner along your lash line.


    Step 4: Keep things on the warmer side and line your lids with our eye-catching MoxieLash Brown Magnetic Eyeliner


    Add your magnetic lashes to make your blue eyes pop the most!


    Step 5 : Last but not least, make your eyes pop, pop, pop, with our MoxieLash Baddy Lash Magnetic Lashes.




     Watch the Full Youtube Video




    Well, there you have it! Subtle, natural glam that truthfully enhances your gorgeous blue eyes. In case you missed it, be sure to check out our latest YouTube video that breaks down this look in full, flawless detail. We love you and your beautiful blue eyes, so go slay the day!




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