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    How To Give Yourself A Natural Eye Lift!

    We all know that aging happens to us all. And unfortunately, the eye area tends to be the first place you see it. Being that the skin around the eyes is the thinnest on our whole body, it’s no wonder that crows feet, loss of elasticity, and dark circles under the eyes give away our age the easiest. This is why we’re showing you easy tips and tricks to give yourself a natural eye lift with makeup and skincare!

    How to use makeup and cosmetics to give your eyes a natural eye lift.

    Eye Cream Is Your Friend

    Your first step to a natural eye lift at home is investing in an eye cream. You need to do your part and take care of your skin. Consider getting an eye cream that helps to increase hydration, promote elasticity, build collagen, and reduce puffiness. Look for ingredients like Retinol (only use at night), Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid. 

    How to Apply Eye Cream:

    1. Use a rice size amount for each under-eye and place it on your index finger.
    2. Gently tap around your under-eye until it is absorbed into the skin.
    3. DO NOT rub or pull your eyes as this can damage your skin.

    Brighten Your Eyes:

    There are four places you are going to want to highlight to give your eyes a natural eye lift. But first, you need to make sure that you have a concealer and a powder or cream highlighter to use. We strongly recommend not using a highlighter with big chunks of glitter. Instead, use one that has very refined Mica so that it gives your skin a “glow” instead of a sparkle. 

    Apply concealer under your eyes to highlight it and conceal dark circles.  

    1. Under The Eye: Use your concealer (1/2 a shade lighter than your foundation) and apply it under your eye. You can use your index finger to gently tap it from your tear-duct area to the outside edge of your eye. 
    2. Corner Of The Eye: Take your highlighter and tap it into the tear duct area of your eye.
    3. Under Your Brow: Use a light shade eyeshadow and sweep it under your brow shape to help lift your eyes. Highlight above your brown bone for give your self a natural eye lift.
    4. Above The Eye: Last,  highlight above your brow bone right next to your arch. 

    Lift Your Brows Up

    One of the best tricks to giving yourself a natural eye lift is to pay attention to your brows. Having a full brow with a natural arch will give your eyes a quick lift and a more youthful appearance. We recommend using a brow pencil to fill in your brows as the pencil gives the most natural look. If you don’t know how to shape your brows with a pencil, here are a few tips to follow: 

    Pencil in your eyebrows to give them a lift.

    1. Find the beginning of your eyebrows by holding your brow pencil vertically next to each nostril. Mark the spot where the pencil lands next to your brow. This is where you want your eyebrows to begin.
    2. Now, keeping your brown pencil next to your nostril, pivot the end to the outside of your iris. This is where your arch should be- mark this sport as well.
    3. To find where the end of your eyebrow should be, pivot your pencil again until it is lining up with the outside of your eye and mark it. 
    4. Now,  gently begin to fill in your brows with tiny strokes going in the same direction as your natural eyebrow hairs. 
    5. Tweeze any unwanted brow hairs and use a brow brush to comb and blend the eyebrow pencil with your natural hairs. 

     Use False Lashes 

    Make your eyes “pop” with a pair of magnetic false lashes! By adding length and volume to your eyelashes, you will instantly lift your eyes and make them appear bigger and brighter. Plus with our easy-on magnetic eyelash application, applying lashes isn’t complicated. No glue, no mess, and no stress! 

     Here is how you apply your MoxieLash false eyelashes like a pro to get a lifted eye look!

    Here is how you can apply your false lashes at home and get an instant eye lift: 

    1. Curl your lashes first! 
    2. Grab your magnetic gel or liquid eyeliner and apply It along your lash line. You want to start at the inside corner of your eye and trace your lash line until you get to the outside edge. Make sure that you allow your eyeliner to dry for a FULL 3 minutes. 
    3. Once your eyeliner is dry, you can place your MoxieLash magnetic eyelash of choice next to your eyeliner. Watch as it instantly locks right into place. 

    Here is how to use cosmetics to give yourself a natural eye lift!

    Here is how to give yourself a natural eye lift using makeup tips and tricks.

    We hope you enjoyed these natural eye lift tips and tricks! If you need help choosing a lash, please contact us at support@moxielash.com. 


    Have a wonderful day!



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