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    How to Revamp Your Beauty Routine for Fall

    Autumn is here, and it's time to revamp your beauty routine for Fall! Switch up your skincare routine, add on some magnetic eyelashes...maybe try a pretty new lipstick shade. There are so many ways you can update your look for Fall beyond sweaters, cardigans, and boots!

    Here's how you can revamp your beauty routine for Fall for skin, makeup, hair, and more!

    Revamp Your Lipstick Shades for Fall

    Want to switch up your look instantly? Try a new shade of lipstick. One of the hottest lipstick colors of the season is Mauve. Yes, you read that correctly--the mauve shade your grandma still wears on the regular in high demand for the cooler, more crisp months.

    Not into Mauve? Be flashy with a deep shade of red or ox-blood lipstick. Or keep it neutral with a cool-toned nude lip shade



    Revamp Your Hair Routine for Fall


    Want to try a new hairstyle? When the weather shifts, make for the perfect time to switch it up. Go from long hair to short(er). One of our favorite hairstyles that are currently trending is the long-hair-bomb and the shoulder-length blunt hair cut. We're seeing a bajillion lifestyle and beauty bloggers wearing this hot hairstyle trend.

    Don't want to chop your hair to revamp your beauty routine? How about trying a new hair color, or doing balayage? Or keep it basic by adding in some cute accessories like a headwrap, scarf, or super trendy resin hair clips.

    Revamp Your Skincare Routine for Fall

    We're all about keeping your skin glow on lock--and sometimes that means literally switching up what you've been using for the past three months. Remember, your skin changes right alongside the seasons. So, if the air gets more chilly (hello Fall), you might need a better moisturizer and a hyaluronic acid serum.

    Oh, and don't forget that exfoliating your skin is absolutely necessary!

    Revamp your Foundation for Fall

    As soon as the weather turns, people start ditching their tinted moisturizers and using thicker, more matte foundations, concealers, and correctors.

    While this helps to hide skincare problems that were seemingly less noticeable due to your summer tan--it can also make your skin look extra thick. Babes, you don't want that.

    Instead of going for a heavy foundation fix, try and go for a light-weight foundation that is buildable. You don't want your foundation to look thick--you want it to look like your actual skin. So, while you're revamping your foundation color and possibly formula, remember, less is actually more!

    Revamp Your Eye Look for Fall

    We saved the best for last because, well, we couldn't help ourselves. Switching up your eye look for Fall makes a huge difference in updating your beauty routine. You see, we are all about accessorizing eyes in the best way with gorgeous new eyeshadow shades and stunning magnetic lashes.

    Trending eyeshadow shades for this Fall season are a deep bronze, gold, and cranberry shades. Also, some gorgeous and colorful metallics like emerald green and topaz blue! Make those colors POP even more with the MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes. Try out our new 'Money Lash' for a bold updated look, or amp up your everyday Fall eyes with our most popular, 'Sassy Lash' magnetic eyelash system.

    How are you going to update your beauty routine for Fall? Tell us in the comments!



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