You asked for it! Today we’re showing you exactly how to trim your magnetic eyelashes! In just a few easy steps, you can customize your lashes to fit your eye shape perfectly. First, you might want to acquire the following accessories to get started: 



Watch the Full Video on How to Trim Your Magnetic Eyelashes!


Step 1: Measure your magnetic eyelash to your lash-line BEFORE you apply your magnetic eyeliner. You don’t want the lash to attach to your liner just yet—you are just seeing if the lash-band is the correct size.


Step 2: Take note of where the magnets are on your lash band. You always want a magnet on both ends of the lash when you trim them.


Step 3:You want to trim from the outer corner, not the inner corner.


Step 4: Now you can trim flush to the magnet on the outside of your lash-band to shorten it with the MoxieLash Scissors. Start with trimming next to one, and then if you need to trim more, you can! Again, there should be a magnet on both sides of the lash-band.


Step 5: Now, you can apply your magnetic eyeliner, wait three minutes for it to dry, and lock in your magnetic lashes!


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