Oh honey, your lash looks are about about to be next level with the first everbrown magnetic lashes. Whether you’re a brunette or blonde, glam girl or natural makeup enthusiast, or anything in between… you’re about to uncover our sweetest innovation yet. Brown magnetic lashes are one-of-a-kind - snapping on with ease to create lash effects that are sweet, sexy, and sugary. You can find all the best brown lash styles in theNEW Honey Kit from MoxieLash, and here’s everything you need to know about these yummy lash looks. 


Introducing the first ever brown magnetic lash from MoxieLash!

The New Honey Kit With Brown EyeLashes

“Level Up Your Lash Game.” It’s not just the phrase written inside the casing of The Honey Kit, it’s exactly what you’ll do with this sweet set. These brown magnetic lashes are the ideal amount of subtle-meets-sassy, while effortlessly volumizing lashes and creating a three-dimensional lift that looks ultra-yummy with any makeup look. You’re doing amazing, sweetie!


Introducing the first brown magnetic lashes from MoxeLash!

This Kit Includes:

  • Yummy Lash
  • Sugary Lash
  • Honey Lash
  • Cocoa Magnetic Liner
  • Magnetic Applicator

We know that you’re obsessed with the ultra-vibrant, yellow box that reminds you of honey - us too. But just wait until you see what’s inside. The Honey Kit features three Brown 10MAG lash styles - the first of its kind that looks flawless on all hair colors - along with a Cocoa Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner, Magnetic Applicator, and Remover Swabbies to make the lash process that much more innovative. Designed with black, blondes, brunettes, and redheads in mind, these brown magnetic lashes enhance every makeup look to let you become sweeter than honey.

A Closer Look at these 3 NEW Naturally Sweet Brown Lash Styles

Your lash choices say a lot about you, and that’s why The Honey Kit features not one, not two, but three styles of the first ever brown magnetic lashes for delicious levels of drama. Each one contains 10 magnets to stick and stay all day on your lash line, and since they do all the heavy lifting… all you have to do is choose the sweetest lash style. Pick your fave that you’re going to wear day and night, or mix and match by occasion to discover the full spectrum of brown lash looks. Which one will you wear first?

Sugary 10MAG Lash

Sugary 10 magnetic lash in brunette from MoxieLash

If you’re somebody who likes yummy lash effects with a side of delicious drama, then Sugary is the cherry (or should we say, honey?) on top of your makeup looks. It has all the length, volume, and fullness you need to accompany your best eyeshadow looks, and makes your sultry looks more than a little sweet. 


Honey Kit


Honey Kit


Yummy 10MAG  LASH

Yummy Magnetic Lash from MoxieLash

You know that makeup effect you get with a bit of brown eyeliner? Effortlessly chic, subtle-yet-sexy, and a boost of major depth and intensity to your eyes? That’s exactly what you’ll get with Yummy, a natural set of brown magnetic lashes that adds major sweetness - without drawing too much attention. 


Honey Kit


Honey Kit


Honey 10MAG Lash

The Honey Kit Honey lash is a soft and gorgeous brown shade.


Those V-shaped clusters are calling your name, honey. Get dressed up for work or play with this lash style that’s a major treat. It doesn’t just work flawlessly for all hair colors and eye shapes - it creates universal mid-level drama to take you from everyday makeup for Zoom school to date night glam in no time. 


Honey Kit


Honey Kit


Here's How To Get The Honey Kit Look

The brown magnetic lashes in The Honey Kit are one-of-a-kind and innovative, and you can produce your sweetest makeup looks with these three styles… and a few friends. Once you add in the Cocoa Magnetic Eyeliner and your most exquisite gold eyeshadow, that’s when things get yummy. Get the Honey Kit makeup look with the steps below!


Brown magnetic lashes in the honey kit are the best lash innovation yet!

Step 1: Sweep a golden eyeshadow onto your lower eyelid and blend into the contour of your eye. 

Step 2: Apply your Cocoa Magnetic Eyeliner along your lash line for a natural eyeliner look. Let it dry for 3 minutes. 

Step 3: Grab your brown Sugary Lash from The Honey Kit and place it along your lash line. It will instantly click into place for a soft and subtle look. 


Step 4: Top off your look with a pink or nude gloss!


Ready For Your Brown Lashes, Honey?

The Honey Kit is our sweetest innovation yet, and it's ready for you! Not only will your friends be  totally shook by your brown magnetic lashes that just happen to be the very first in existence, they’ll also be asking about your Cocoa Magnetic Liner and telling you that brown is definitely your color. Which it definitely is. These brown magnetic lashes are gorgeous on all hair colors and eye shapes, and the three styles let you pick one that’s perfectly you. Get ready to look sweet and confident with The Honey Kit!

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