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    Holiday MoxieLash Lash Party With Girlfriends!

    We threw the most epic Holiday MoxieLash Party all time! It's a fun idea to do with a bunch of your girlfriends for the holidays and perhaps even on NYE while you get dressed and glammed up for your parties. All you need is our MoxieLash Magnetic Eyelash styles and Magnetic Eyeliner, your girlfriends, and maybe a cocktail or two. 

    Holiday Eyelash party for MoxieLash with your girlfriend! 

    Ladies lashed in their own style because they are their own kind of woman. Different tastes in style, fashion, and of course… lashes. It was so beautiful to watch different personalities try on our MoxieLash styles and find their fit. Some even stepped outside of their comfort zone and tried our biggest and most glam lashes we have— hello Baddy and Boujie! 

    Holiday lash party using MoxieLash magnetic eyelashes

     Trying on different lash styles was so fun for this group of friends. After they applied their magnetic eyeliner and let it sit for a few minutes—they were able to try on tons of different lash styles. The beauty of our magnetic lashes and liner is that you can change up your lashes as much as you want! There is no glue involved what-so-ever…so if you're not feeling the "Classy Lash," switch it up for the "Sassy Lash" instantly! They are so easy to use. 

     Holiday Lash party from MoxieLash

    Over and over again, we heard how shocked our guests were at the ease of our magnetic lash and liner system. Some ladies had never tried lashes, some only extensions, and some just regular lashes with glue. But the overall reaction to trying these lashes for the first time was a resounding "WOW!" 

     Wearing the Flashy Lash at the MoxieLash Party!

    And that's why we do what we do here at MoxieLash. We are all about adding the glam in your style but without the glue, time, and complication. We're all busy, and we don't have time to spend the extra time applying lashes that may or may not work out. With MoxieLash— they always work out. Plus, you can get up to 30 uses with each lash style.

     How to Throw A Holiday Lash Party

    Holiday MoxieLash Party

     First off, just note that you will be the favorite of the friend group forever for throwing a lash party. 

     What You Need:

     After you have all your supplies, just make a fun display that features the lashes. We got cute bags and added a few essentials to each bag and gifted everyone. You want to make sure you have some food items for fun and maybe a cocktail option. Make it a cute friend's party they'll never forget. 

    Holiday Eyelash Party for MoxieLash Magnetic Eyelashes and Liners!

     Take selfies of you and your guests applying your lashes. Your friends with be in shock at how easy they are to apply …it's fun! 

     You should try a lash party out for yourself! You can check out our collection of lash sets to find the perfect lash party set for you!





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