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    Magnetic Eyelash Q&A With The Moxie FB Group!

    Have magnetic eyelash questions you're dying to know the answers to? We rounded up our top ten most asked questions from our MoxieLash Facebook, and we're giving you all the answers. Check them all out below! 

     Your biggest magnetic eyelash questions answered!

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    Q: "Is there a better way to apply the liner without looking like there is a gap with my real lashes?"  
    A: First, make sure that you apply your magnetic eyeliner as close to your lash-line as possible. Then, attach your lashes and push them down so that they are flush with your lash line.

    Q: What's the best lash set to start with?

    A: If you're just starting out with false lashes and are looking for a natural lash style— try the Classy, Baby, and Sassy. 

    • Classy Lash gives your lashes a bit of added oomph.
    • Baby Lash accents and amplifies your outer corners.
    • Sassy Lash gives you mid-length volume and curl.

    Q: "What's the most incognito MoxieLash style?" —Ted W. 

    A: We would have to say, Baby, Cheeky, or Classy Lash—our three smallest lash styles! They are created to give you that "lash incognito" look.

    Q: "Does gel liner hold as much as the liquid?" — Laura P.

    A: Both magnetic eyeliners definitely hold onto your magnetic lashes! It's really about preference and if you like a liquid eyeliner or gel linerapplication. 

    Q: "How do can I get eyeliner off?" —Jennifer G.

    A: It's super easy! Just pour a small amount of our All-In-1 Makeup Remover onto a cotton swab and gently swipe it along your lash line. It will come off like magic!

    Q: "How to trim lashes?" Jessica F.

    A: Lucky you! We have an ENTIRE blog post on how to trim magnetic lashes! You can check it out right HERE.

    Q: "How do I avoid getting eyeliner on my eyelashes?" Melissa N.

    A: You can use many tricks to avoid getting your magnetic eyeliner on your real lashes. First, make sure that you apply your liner before you curl or apply mascara to your natural eyelashes so that they don't get in the way. Also, you can hold your MoxieLash mirrorunder your chin and look down to apply your liner. This gives the perfect angle for application. 

    Q: "What's the difference between Sassy and Happy Lash?" —Katherine N.

    A: Sassy Lash features a shorter eyelash band than Happy—so it's better for smaller eye shapes. But you can also customize your Happy Lash to fit your eye shape too. Also, Happy Lash has a more three-dimensional look with varying lengths of lashes. 

    Q: "What are the best lashes for my eye shape?" Shana K.

    A: All of our lashes can be customized to fit any eye shape. With that said, we do have lash styles that are better fitting for some eye shapes than others! You can check out this blog post HERE for a full rundown on what lash you need!  

    Q: "My gel eyeliner has gotten hard ... what can I use to soften it back up?"

    A: One of the easiest ways to soften up your gel eyeliner is to mix in a bit of coconut oil. We also recommend that you make sure to keep the plastic shield on your gel liner and secure the lid tightly after each use to keep all the moisture inside. 

    Have more questions? Send them our way at support@moxielash.com!


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