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    Magnetic Eyeliner Q&A With Our MoxieFam

    Gel or liquid? How do I apply my magnetic eyeliner? Today we’re answering all of the most asked questions we get about our Magnetic Eyeliner from the MoxieLash Facebook Group right here! Check them all out below.


    All your facebook questions answered!


    Have you joined the group yet? Our very active group talked MoxieLash, makeup, and more! You can join right HERE


    Your Magnetic Eyeliner Questions Answered 

    Q: "Is there a better way to apply the liner without looking like there is a gap with my real lashes?"


    A: Before you apply your magnetic eyeliner, try tracing or smudging a brown or black eyeshadow next to your lash-line with an angled eyeliner brush. This helps alleviate “the gap” if you’re having a hard time getting super close to your lashes. 


    Q: "Does gel liner hold as much as the liquid?"


    A: It absolutely does. The two magnetic eyeliner formulas, gel, and liquid, are really about texture preference. 


    Q: "Tips on getting eyeliner to not get clumpy to your eyelashes?"


    A: You may see some magnetic eyeliner build up on your (own) lashes from applying the liner next to your lash-line. First, before you apply your liner, make sure that you sweep off any excess on the brush so that it applies smoothly. Second, grab your All-In-1 Makeup Remover and remove any liner from your lash line. 


    Q: "How do I get the eyeliner off?"


    A: Soak a cotton ball with our All-In-1 Makeup Remover, swipe it along the lash-line. Boom...it will come right on off. 


    Q: "My gel eyeliner has gotten hard ... what can I use to soften it back up?"


    A: With any gel eyeliner, it's really important to keep the plastic protective slip (you'll see it once you open the lid) on in between uses. This will help keep it from getting dry. Also, our Facebook community recommends adding a few drops of coconut oil to the gel to soften back up if that happens. However, if it does not soften back up, please contact our amazing customer support at support@moxielash.com. 


    Q: "Gel or liquid liner? How many layers do you apply??" 


    A: With both gel and liquid, it's best to double up on your liner. We recommend two layers of eyeliner for either formula. 


    Q: "Do you do a thicker layer of gel or a thin coat, let it dry and another thin coat?"


    A: The liner thickness is really your preference. For dry time, you can do either! Just as long as it is completely dry before you apply your magnetic lashes. 


    Q: "What do you use underneath your lower lash-line? Do you use a non-magnetic liner in a matching color? Do you not line the lower at all?"


    A: It all depends on how you like to apply your eye makeup. Some of our group members like to apply eyeliner pencil, some a similar eyeshadow, and some don't apply anything at all.


    Q: "How do y’all clean the gel eyeliner off the brush? Do you clean it daily? I’m worried the brush will get stiff after each use."


    A: You're going to want to use our All-In-1 Makeup Remover. It's gentle enough to use on your eyeliner brush every day. 


    Have any other questions? Join our Facebook Group, or send us a questions to support@moxielash.com




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