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Who knew a single swipe could make such an eye-popping difference? We revolutionized one of the most iconic staples in any beauty routine: The infamous eyeliner. Most known for making lashes lush in an instant, eyeliner helps draw attention to the eye while enhancing its shape. We just took things up a notch to help you achieve the lashes of your dreams with MoxieLash Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner—the industry’s first. You’ve got questions like: How do I apply my magnetic eyeliner? How do I get it off? And we’ve got answers. All of the most asked questions from the MoxieLash Facebook Group about our Magnetic Eyeliner is right here! Check them all out below.



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Magnetic eyeliner questions with MoxieFam

Your Magnetic Eyeliner Questions Answered 

Q:  "Is there a better way to apply the liquid liner without looking like there is a gap with my real lashes?"


A:  Before you apply your magnetic eyeliner, try tracing or smudging a brown or black eyeshadow next to your lash line with an angled eyeliner brush. This helps alleviate “the gap” if you are having a hard time getting super close to your real lashes. When applying your magnetic liner, make sure that you apply it as close to your lash-line as possible. Then, attach your lashes and press them into your lash bed so that they are flush with your lash line. We recommend using the Magnetic Applicator tool for easier application that’s precise so achieve perfect lashes every time. 

Q:  "Tips on getting eyeliner to not get clumpy to your eyelashes?"


A:  You can use many tricks to avoid getting your magnetic eyeliner on your real lashes. You may see some magnetic eyeliner build up on your (own) lashes from applying the liner next to your lash line. First, before you apply your liner, make sure that you sweep off any excess on the brush so that it applies smoothly. It might also be helpful to curl or apply mascara to your natural eyelashes before so that they don't get in the way. 


While applying, you can hold your MoxieLash Mirror under your chin and look down to apply your liner. This gives the perfect angle for application. 


After applying the magnetic liner, grab your All-In-1 Makeup Remover to touch up. Use the Makeup Remover to take off any excess liner from your lash line or eyelashes.

Q: "How do I get the eyeliner off?"


A: It’s simple really. Soak a cotton swab with our All-In-1 Makeup Remover and swipe it along the lash line. Boom...our Magnetic Eyeliner will come right off. 



Q: "How many layers do you apply of Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner?" 


A: It's best to double up on your liner. We recommend two layers of eyeliner to ensure strong hold for all day to night wear. Remember to allow each layer of the liner to completely dry for 3 minutes before applying your MoxieLash Lashes. 

Q: "Do you do a thicker layer of liner or a thin coat, let it dry and another thin coat?"


A: The liner thickness is really your preference. For dry time, you can do either! Go thick for added drama, or thin for an effortlessly natural look. Just be sure it is completely dry (at least 3 minutes) before you apply your magnetic lashes. 


Q: "What do you use underneath your lower lash-line? Do you use a non-magnetic liner in a matching color? Do you not line the lower at all?"


A: It all depends on how you like to apply your eye makeup. That’s the beauty of it! Some of our group members like to apply an eyeliner pencil, some prefer a similar eyeshadow, and some don't apply anything at all.

Q: "Is there a difference between the Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner in the color brown and the Cocoa Liner?"


A: Yes, but not a major one! We’ve created two shades of brown liquid eyeliner to complement that softer lash look you may be going for. Our deliciously sexy Brown Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner is dark chocolate brown and has an instant pigment-rich payoff. Our Cocoa Liner—only available in the Honey Kit until now—is a lighter brown for a more subtle highlight of the eyes. 


Helping You Find Your Next MoxieLash Obsession

Q: “What's the best lash set to start with?”

A:  If you're just starting out with false lashes and are looking for a natural lash style— try the MoxieLash Lashes in Classy, Baby, and Sassy. 

  • Classy Lash gives your lashes a bit of added oomph. Features small, lightweight silk layers that are the perfect way to supplement your own lashes for a more natural look. Add a hint of volume with a touch of glam for an everyday look that lasts. 
  • Baby Lash accents and amplifies your outer corners. Add to any makeup look for a subtle yet beautiful pop. Our most universal lash that is made for everyday wear. 
  • Sassy Lash gives you mid-length volume and curl. Meet mink for all eye shapes. Bring Sassy into your beauty routine if you’re looking to add a bit of luxury and mid-level glam to your lash looks.

Q: "What's the most incognito MoxieLash style?" 

A: We would have to say, our Baby, Cheeky, or Classy Lash—our three smallest lash styles! They are specifically created to give you that "lash incognito" look. Level up your style with the perfect accent. Get the natural look and achieve subtle volume and length in a snap.

Q: "How to trim lashes?" 

A: Lucky you! We have an ENTIRE blog post on how to trim magnetic lashes! You can check it out right HERE.


Q: "What's the difference between Sassy and Happy Lash?"

A: Sassy Lash features a shorter eyelash band than Happy—so it's better for smaller eye shapes. But, you can also customize your Happy Lash with a quick trim to fit your eye shape too. Happy Lash has a more three-dimensional look with varying lash lengths. Handcrafted mink layers are evenly distributed for full volume to open and enhance eyes.

Q: "What are the best lashes for my eye shape?" 

A: All of our MoxieLash Lashes can be customized to fit any eye shape. We’re dedicated to helping you level up your lash game easily so you can look and feel your absolute best. With that said, we do have lash styles that are better fitting for some eye shapes than others! You can check out this blog post HERE for a full rundown on what lash you need!  

Q: "What are the best magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes?"

A: Enhance your eye shape with our curated lash kits to match your mood. Here are our best magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes kits:


  • Daytime Kit- This kit is perfect if you're trying to get more of a natural look. It's ideal for your days at work, but you can also use it if you're out in nature or working out!
  • Nighttime Kit- Use this kit for your nights out. Whether you're having a girls' night or going on a date, this kit is sure to make you feel sexy and confident.
  • Starter Kit- Use this kit for day or night. Either way, you're going to look sexy, bold, and fierce!
  • Glam Kit- Live a life of glamour with fierce looks that are sure to turn heads. Grab this kit for days and nights when you want to go full glam—no questions asked. 

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