Magnetic Gel Vs. Liquid Eyeliner

Today we're going to cover the difference between our magnetic gel eyelinervs. liquid magnetic eyeliner. With two different formulas for you to choose from, you might be wondering which one is best for you. So, we're going to walk you through exactly what makes each of our liners unique.

What the difference is between magnetic gel and liquid magnetic eyeliners from MoxieLash.

Swatches of Magnetic Gel Vs. Liquid Eyeliner  

Swatches of the MoxieLash Magnetic Gel Vs. Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner formulas.

Top Swatch: MoxieLash Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner

Bottom Swatch: MoxieLash Magnetic Gel Eyeliner

 Magnetic Gel Eyeliner

Magnetic Gel Eyeliner from MoxieLash and while you'll love it.

 This is a creamy, matte formula that is thicker than our liquid magnetic eyeliner and perhaps a bit easier to apply. If you are new to applying non-pencil eyeliner, the gel might be a good starting point. It glides easily onto your lash-line and is beautiful with smoky and smudged out eye makeup looks. 

 How To Apply Magnetic Gel Eyeliner

How to wear the magnetic gel eyeliner from MoxieLash.

You want to make sure that you have the eyeliner brush that goes with the gel. Next, dip the liner brush into the gel and start applying it to your upper lash-line. We recommend starting at the inner corner of your eye and gliding along until you hit the outside edge. 

 You want to make sure you allow your Magnetic Gel Eyeliner to dry completely (about 2 minutes) before adding on your magnetic lashes.

 Reviews on the Moxie Magnetic Gel Eyeliner

 "Eyeliner must be applied thick enough. I like the control a brush gives with this liner. Once dry, eyelashes stick on fantastic. Easy to change from one lash to another. It's great!" --Marianne

 "So creamy & matte. Better than your non-magnet eyeliner. This one is creamy & glides on smoothly, and it’s a matte finish. It’s altogether just amazing!" --Annah R.

 "Eye Liner is great! I am used to wearing eyeliner pencil, so the gel looks the same and works great." --Alicia C. 

 "Lasted through Vegas Tiësto dance night! I was admittedly extremely skeptical of this system. I’ve purchased products from FB before, which resulted in failures and wanted money. I got the gel liner as my hands are too shaky for the liquid liner, and I put a few coats on just to make sure it worked. I gasped when the lashes actually *wooshed* onto me! They are featherlight too; I had to touch them throughout the night to make sure they were still there. They stayed on all night and trust me when I say I put them to the test! Vegas...Omnia club....Tiësto....5 hrs of nonstop dancing and heat." -- Renee

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Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner

How to wear the Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner and why you will love it from MoxieLash!

If you are new to applying liquid eyeliner, our Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner formula will take a bit of practice. Since it is highly pigmented (and liquid), a little goes a long way! And, with any liquid eyeliner, practice makes perfect. So, try not to get frustrated if you mess up the first few times (that's normal). But don't give up either because a sleek, tight lined, and even cat-eye look is on the other side. 

 How To Apply Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner

How to apply magnetic liquid eyeliner from MoxieLash.

 With our Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner, the brush is already housed inside the bottle. So, unscrew the lid, wipe off the excess liner and begin to apply it next to your lash-line. Start at the inner corner of your eyelash line and trace along until you get to the outside corner. If you want a thicker line, add a second layer like you would any other liquid liner. 

 You want to make sure that your Magnetic Liquid Eyelineris completely dry before you add your MoxieLash Magnetic Eyelashes. This usually takes 2 minutes, and then you want to do the "dry test." Just touch the liner with your ring finger, and if nothing comes off, you can apply your lashes. 

 Reviews on the MoxieLash Liquid Eyeliner

 "Highly Recommend! This stuff is GREAT!!! I already use magnetic lashes, but this magnetic liner makes it that much easier!" --Lisa P.

 "Easy to use! Super product - glides on, and then the lashes just snap after drying. Super easy." --Dawn F.

 "Found a trick with this! I put my regular eyeliner on first to get the perfect liner and wing look, and then I dab a little of the magnetic eyeliner over it! It’s so much easier, and the lashes stay all day without any issues, and everyone thinks I get my lashes done professionally!" Ashley M.

 "Magnetic liquid eyeliner! I love this product so much!! For me it works better than the gel!! I think the MoxieLashes are one of the best beauty inventions ever!!! I can't live without them.. I have stocked up to never be without!!" --Lisa D.

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 How To Remove Magnetic Eyeliners

Once you have removed your magnetic lashes and placed them back into the original packaging, you can start erasing your liner. Just open up one of your Eye Makeup Removing Swabs and begin wiping along your lash-line. Use both sides per eye so that you can thoroughly remove any eyeliner around the lash line. 

 Do not get your Eye Makeup Removing Cotton Swabs on your MoxieLash Magnetic lashes at all. Doing this can damage them permanently. Instead- if you see any magnetic liner residue on the magnets of your lashes, dip a cotton swab into some micellar water and remove it. It's that easy. You should be able to get up to 30 uses out of your lashes and a HUGE 100+ from your MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliners.

 Oh, and one last thing about the Magnetic Gel Eyeliner for you to think about. You want to make sure that the lid is tightened fast to the bottle after each use and that you keep the plastic insert still inside. Doing this allows your liner to stay fresh and not dry out. 

 Biggest Difference Between Magnetic Gel Vs. Liquid Eyeliner

Want to know the difference between gel and liquid eyeliners?

Obviously, the texture, but most importantly, one is the thicker, and one is thinner. Choosing which eyeliner to purchase comes down to preference and what's best for you. Both formulas will do the job of keeping your magnetic lashes in place. 

We recommend trying them both to see which you love most!  

Plus, different formulas for different looks. Liquid for a cat-eye, and gel for a gorgeous smoky eye. 

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 If you have any questions at all, make sure to let us know at, and we will gladly help you out!

 You can check out our collection of MoxieLash Magnetic Lashes to go with your liner of choice right HERE!



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