Magnetic Lash Kits: Happy Kit + Sassy Kit

Yay! We just launched two new magnetic lash kits, and you are going to be obsessed! Our MoxieLash Happy Lash Kit and Sassy eyelash collections are both housed in a gorgeous box perfect for storage and travel. Find out more about these two special kits, and shop them before they sell out. 


New MoxieLash Magnetic Lash Kit: Happy Kit + Sassy Kit

Check out both of these gorgeous magnetic lash kits from MoxieLash, and get them both before they sell out. Find out all of the details below on what you'll find in each eyelash collection.


All About Happy Magnetic Lash Kit

Happy Magnetic Eyelash Kit for MoxieLash Magnetic Eyelsh


If you haven’t tried the Happy Lash—now is your chance! This popular magnetic lash style has made it to the big leagues and even gets its own collection. Cool, right? Inside the gorgeous blue box, the Happy Lash Collection comes with three beautiful magnetic lashes that are noticeable—but not over-the-top. 


Happy Lash is the perfect medium length lash that mimics the look of lash extensions. It has a more extended lash band, so it’s ideal for customizing to any eye shape. 


Flashy Lash is our natural-looking, wispy lash style with three-dimensional lash layers and enhances all eye shapes. 


Baby Lash is perfect for adding a touch of subtle glam to any day or night look. It also works well for eyes that want a little outer-edge lift. 



 1 Baby Lash (Silk)

 1 Happy Lash (Mink)

 1 Flashy Lash (Mink) 

 1 Magnetic Eyeliner - Black

 1 Lash applicator




All About Sassy Magnetic Lash Kit


Sassy Magnetic lash kit from MoxieLash houses three mid-glam lash styles that stun.


If you want to add lash-variety to your day to night looks—definitely get the Sassy Lash Kit! Inside the cute purple box are three of our most popular lash styles: Sassy Lash, Cheeky, and Flirty. You’ll quickly go from a classic everyday look to gorgeous and glam in under three minutes with this collection. 


Cheeky Lash is our smallest accent lash. It has three-dimensional lash layers that sit on the outer half of your lash-line. Perfect for wearing alone or stacking over a fuller magnetic lash style. 


Flirty Lash has crisscrossed layers of long faux mink lash fibers that are, no doubt, gorgeous and glam. Wear them for a special night out or to dress up your day look. 


Sassy Lash comes with slightly tapered ends that lift and enhance any eye shape. The lash fibers are weaved together to create a lash extension look that’s versatile for your day-to-night looks. 


  • 1 Cheeky Lash (Silk)
  •  1 Flirty Lash (Silk)
  •  1 Sassy Lash (Mink) 
  •  1 Magnetic Eyeliner - Black
  •  1 Lash applicator



Happy vs. Sassy Magnetic Lash Kit


While both of these lash kits are perfectly curated with two medium-large lash styles and one accent lash—they each have their own unique twist. Happy is for the person who wants more adventurous lash looks, while Sassy takes on an elegant vibe. So, why not get both—right?


Stacking your Lash Kit Lashes


If you haven’t played around with stacking your lashes, now is the time. With these kits, you can easily stack one lash on top of another and create multiple looks. If you want more outer edge flair, add the accent lash to the end. Want more va-va-voom? Stack your two medium-sized lashes for the ultimate lash look. 


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