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    Magnetic Lash Liner--Is it Worth It?

    One of the biggest beauty trends to hit the industry is the invention of magnetic lash liner. You might be wondering if it's worth the hype--since we are the experts in magnetic eyeliner and magnetic eyelashes, we're going to answer all your most asked questions. Some of the most popular questions we get are "are they safe," "do they stay on?" and more. So, let's dive into it.

    Want to know if magnetic lash liner is really worth the hype? Check out all the details and answered questions here.

    How Much Does Magnetic Lash Liner Cost?

    The MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner costs $45, and you can get up to 100 uses out of it. Crazy, right? That's not a bad price for a product that gives you gorgeous lashes in just minutes.

    How Does Magnetic Lash Liner Work?

    Our unique formula of magnetic eyeliner works by using iron particles that magnetize magnetic lashes for up to 8 hours! This combination of high-tech ingredients allows your magnetic eyelashes to stay on even on the windiest of days. It's really rather magical if we do say so ourselves.

    Is Magnetic Lash Liner Safe?

    Yes, babe, all of the ingredients on our magnetic lash liner is safe to use. In fact, we've checked out every single ingredient with the safety rating on the EWG, and we scored a 2, which is considered to be extremely safe. It's such a minimal amount of Iron particles that you don't need to worry about it being near your eye.

    How Do You Apply Magnetic Lash Liner?

    It's really easy to apply our magnetic lash liner from MoxieLash. We have two magnetic eyeliner formulas--a liquid liner and a gel. Both work great; it just depends on your preference.

    All you have to do is apply your eyeliner like you would any other liquid or gel eyeliner. With your brush tip, start at the inside corner of your lash-line. Next, sweep the liner along until you get to the outside edge. We find that doing a double layer of the MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner helps to give your lashes an even better magnetization. So, double up, babe!

    Then, you want to wait two entire minutes for your magnetic eyeliner to dry then do the "dry test." This step is crucial to do to get the best magnetic eyelash application. All you have to do is touch your magnetic eyeliner and make sure that none comes off at all. If nothing comes off, go ahead and apply your magnetic lashes.

    Will Magnetic Lash Liner Keep my Magnetic Lashes On?

    Yes, your magnetic lash liner will absolutely hold on your magnetic eyelashes. If you apply them how we recommend you do it, you can try the blow-dry test. It's kind of funny to do--but you just blow your hairdryer (on a cool setting) onto your applied lashes and watch as they STAY ON!

    This tells us that you could be in the middle of an actual wind storm, and these babies won't come off. You'll also get a good laugh, we think.

    Is Magnetic Lash Line Water Proof?

    Yes, the MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner is water-resistant. You can absolutely swim in it, no problem. But--you might want to remove your MoxieLash magnetic eyelashes to keep those in tip-top shape. Just remove your lashes and put them back into the box they came in so that they don't get ruined. With the MoxieLash magnetic lashes--you can get up to 30 uses! Cool, right?

    Does Magnetic Lash Liner Work with All Magnetic Eyelashes?

    Yes, the MoxieLash Lash Liner does work with all kinds of magnetic lashes. Though, we' can't guarantee that your eyelashes will look as ah-maz-ing as they would with MoxieLash. We create the most luxurious magnetic lashes around with close attention to detail. Every lash style is made on purpose with you in mind.


    Is Magnetic Lash Liner Worth the Hype?

    Now, back to the real question-- "Is Magnetic Lash Liner Worth It?" You'll have to answer that yourself! If getting gorgeous lashes in just minutes without need lash glue is your thing, then yes!

    MoxieLash magnetic lash liner starter kit is one of the best ways to get gorgeous and glam lashes in just seconds.

    If you want to check out magnetic lashes with magnetic Lash Liner, you should start with any of our Starter Kits. They allow you to "dip your toes in" and get use the the MoxieLash Method.

    Have questions? Send us an email and we'll get back to you in 24 hours!


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