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    Make The Switch: Leave Your Lash Extensions Behind!

    Are you desperate for a lash fill? Today, we’re interviewing our Marketing Director, Ashley, A.K.A-- the Marketing Magician, on what it was like transitioning from eyelash extensions to MoxieLash magnetic lashes. She’s answering questions about what her first experience was like applying magnetic eyeliner, to the biggest benefit of making the switch. 


    Tips and tricks for switching from lash extensions to magnetic lashes!

    Ashley has been an avid lash extension wearer for years and years, so we can’t wait for you to read what she has to say. Check it out below!


    Q: How long have you been getting lash extensions?


    A: “I’ve been getting lash extensions for probably three years-- maybe four. Transitioning from lash extensions to magnetic lashes and liner was definitely interesting at first. I've had my lashes done for so long and I haven't been the best at applying eyeliner on the top of my eyelids regardless. So there was a learning curve, however, I was able to pick it up quicker than I thought I would! 


    Q: What was it like transitioning from lash extensions to magnetic liner and lashes?

    A: “So the first time I did it, it was a complete disaster! I was not patient the first time and didn’t let the eyeliner dry like I was supposed to. I watched a tutorial on how to apply magnetic eyeliner from the MoxieLash YouTube channel, and then I was able to put it on better the second time. It was much better! In fact, I have them on today. I feel like each time I apply them, it gets better and better and I’m able to apply them quicker.”


    Q: What did you think the first time you tried magnetic lashes and liner?

    A: “The first time that I tried magnetic lashes and liner, I was shocked at the magnetic part! It was crazy when I placed the lashes next to the liner and they were automatically snapping into place. I loved that! I thought that was really cool. I also loved that they were easy to adjust. The first time I did it, I didn't lay them exactly how I wanted, but it was so easy to reposition them exactly where I wanted.”


    Q: What's your favorite MoxieLash style?

    A: “My most favorite MoxieLash style is the Wifey Lash! I absolutely love them! They are the ones that I'm wearing right now! I also love the Baby Lash. In fact, the Baby Lash was better for me when I still had eyelash extensions because it’s smaller and the lash fibers aren’t as long. But now that my lash extensions are pretty much gone-- the Wifey Lash is my go-to. I love that this lash is full enough, but not too much! It’s just the right amount of oomph and volume. It’s not too dramatic, but it’s also not too subtle either. So...it’s truly the perfect medium lash style for me. It’s exactly how I would get my lashes done if I got eyelash extensions.”

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    Q: Any tips for others transitioning from extensions to MoxieLash?



    A: “Yes! First, let the dang eyeliner dry the FULL three minutes, or until it’s no longer tacky. Be patient! A trick I use to make the dry time faster is to blow cool air (no heat) from my hair-dryer towards my lash line. It just speeds up the process. Another tip is to just do the rest of your makeup while you let your liner dry. Also, adding primer to your eyelids is key for keeping your magnetic eyeliner in place. I have hooded eyelids, so what I noticed the first and second time that I used the magnetic lashes is that, while I would wait for the liner to dry, I would look up, and it would be on my upper eyelids. Primer helps to prevent this from happening.”


    Q: Are you happy you made the transition?

    A: “I am so thankful and happy for MoxieLash right now! I will say that, since I've been getting lash extensions for so long, I have always worried about the health of my natural lashes. And now that my lash extensions are all falling off,  I'm seeing my natural lashes again. Let’s just say, they're not in the best shape. It's nice to give them a break, as the glue, and all that goes into lash extensions can be really damaging to your natural lashes. I LOVE that I don't feel bad when I use MoxieLash lashes. It's like I don't have that tinge of guilt like I do when I get my lash extensions because I know I’m causing damage to my natural lashes. 

    Also, like I said before, the fact that MoxieLash is magnetic, and they go on so easily, are the biggest reasons why I’m so happy I made the switch from lash extensions. I will never use glue lashes again-- they are just a joke now. MoxieLash is intuitive, and once you get the eyeliner down, it's foolproof, straightforward, and simple. 

    So, yes! I love the transition. I'm really, really grateful for MoxieLash right now.”


    Q: What’s the biggest benefit you’ve found from ditching lash extensions and wearing MoxieLash?

    A: “One of the biggest benefits of using MoxieLash magnetic lashes over my eyelash extensions is the fact that I feel like I'm doing my natural eyelashes a service. I am not worried about ruining or destroying my natural lashes. That’s obviously one major benefit.

    Another HUGE benefit to using MoxieLash is the fact that I can just switch out lash styles whenever I want! When you get lash extensions, you're going to have to leave those lashes on for the next 2-3 weeks. Now, if I want a more subtle lash-look one day, I could just use the Baby Lash. If I want more of a ‘glam’ look, I’m choosing the Bossy or Boujie Lash style. Creating different looks anytime I want is, for sure, the biggest benefit of using MoxieLash over lash extensions.

    If you're on the verge of converting to MoxieLash magnetic lashes and you're a former lash extension girl, like myself- just give it a shot! I'm telling you, it is not as intimidating as you may think! And it's easier than you think, as well. Just give it a try. They're awesome, and the quality is great. I just know you will love them as much as I do.” 

    Thanks, Ashley! 

    Ready to ditch your lash extensions and try MoxieLash? You can check out all of our magnetic lashes that mimic the look of lash extensions in this article, HERE!

    Or, shop our full collection of magnetic lashes right HERE. If you need help choosing an eyelash style, reach out to us at  info@moxielash.com!



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