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    Makeup Artist Approved Magnetic Gel Eyeliner Tips

    Magnetic Gel Eyeliner (or liner in general) doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to know the tips and tricks to make it work the best. You’re probably not going to be a pro at first, so give yourself some space to learn. The truth is, practice makes perfect— especially with gel liner. Here is some makeup artist-approved tips by the one and only Bianca Alcazar to get you started. 




    #1 Magnetic Gel Eyeliner Tip: The Packaging





    This first tip is going to sound kind of boring. Keep the plastic insert that comes inside your product (seen once you open the lid). It’s essential that you keep this on in between using your magnetic gel eyeliner to keep it fresh, and blendable.


    #2 Magnetic Gel Eyeliner Tip: Prep



    Before you apply your magnetic gel eyeliner, remove any eye makeup that has been previously there. So, use the All In 1 Makeup Remover to ensure that your lash line is completely clean. Then, you’re going to want to apply an eyeshadow primer to your entire eyelid.


    #3 Magnetic Gel Eyeliner Tip: Your Brush


    Magnetic gel eyeliner and brush combination


    The brush to apply your magnetic gel eyeliner is key. So, here are a few simple tips that can significantly help improve your application.  

    • Remove any liner build up off of your brush before you start. 
    • When you are applying your eyeliner, hold the brush in the same way you would a pencil eyeliner. 
    • Rest your elbow on your vanity as you apply your liner so that you have a steady application.
    • Start slow. Rushing through applying your liner when you are a beginner will probably not turn out well—just saying. 



    #4 Magnetic Gel Eyeliner Tip: The Step-By-Step Guide


    Magnetic gel eyeliner tips and tricks for the perfect eyeliner look.


    So, these are the gel eyeliner tips I swear by for your application. I’ve been a makeup artist for a long time, and so I know what works and doesn’t. So, here’s how I apply the magnetic gel eyeliner to not only myself, but to clients too.  


    Here is a step-by-step guide for you to keep “in your pocket.”


    How to Apply Gel Eyeliner




    1. Once you prepped your eyelid thoroughly, dip the gel liner brush into the magnetic gel eyeliner pot. Make sure to get the product on both sides of the brush. 
    2. Remove any excess from the brush on the edge of the pot and at the same time, re-shape the tip of your brush to make it pointed. 
    3. Begin applying your gel liner by starting in the middle of the lash line, moving towards the outside corner of the eye using short strokes. You want to make sure that it is as close to your lash-line as possible.
    4. Next, apply your magnetic gel eyeliner in the inner corner of your lash line and make short strokes until you connect to the center (where you started). You can repeat the same process so that the line is perfect from beginning to end. You want to make sure there is no gap between your lash line and your eyeliner. 
    5. For magnetic gel eyeliner, it’s essential to have enough of the product on your lash line to hold your magnetic lashes on securely. 
    6. Once your liner is on, you need to let it dry for three minutes before applying your magnetic lashes. If you don’t wait until it is completely dry, it won’t hold your lashes on appropriately. 


    #5 Magnetic Gel Eyeliner Tip: Removal

     All in 1 makeup remover for magnetic gel eyeliner


    Taking off your liner is pretty simple. All you have to do is soak a cotton ball with our All In 1 Makeup Remover and press it along your lash line. Then, just sweep it off. You can also use this product to remove all of your other makeup and detail clean your magnetic lash band. Cool, right?



    I hope my tips in applying magnetic gel liner was helpful! And, before I go…I want to tell you about the gel colors we have quickly! We don’t just have black and brown—we have fun magnetic gel eyeliner colors that complement your eye shade too. You’re going to love all of the fun colors we have. Check them out, HERE!



    Bianca from MoxieLash

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