Mother's Day Gift Guide: Mom Mood Lash Pairings!

Mother's Day is only a week away-- and there is still time to spoil her with stunning, lux lashes that give instant results! Today, we're showing you different magnetic lash styles that pair with her mom-mood! Whether you are shopping for the O.G. mom, A.K.A.: grandma, a new mom, or your mom, we've got a lash style for every personality. 

What's your MoxieLash Mom mood? Here are lash pairings for Mother's Day!


Because we are so inspired by all the moms out there, we've come up with a few mom types and lashes we think would fit their personality best! Have fun reading…and finding the perfect lash for all the moms on your shopping list. 




#1: Boss Mom Lash Mood

What moxielash style the boss mom needs for Mother's Day!


First up, we have the Boss Mom— think Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. She's super driven, fierce, and outspoken. She doesn't mess around, can multi-task like she invented it, gets the job done, and can be…well…a little scary at times. But really…what C.E.O./mom/AND all the other things isn't —right? Because she's earned the title of "Boss”, …the perfect lash for this mom-mood is, of course, Bossy Lash!


Bossy lash is the perfect lash for the working mom who likes to get stuff done!


Our Bossy Lash is the biggest, boldest lash in our 'O.G. collection'. It's the perfect match for the Boss Mom's bold personality! While all of our lashes will garner a lot of attention and interest, the Bossy Lash will scream her "Boss" mom-mood from across the room.


#2: Soccer Mom Lash Mood

What magnetic lash style the soccer mom should wear!


Next, we have the Soccer Mom! We were inspired by Carol Brady from the Brady Bunch for this one! She's dedicated, competitive, and of course, super busy. She's always running around and supporting everyone. Time is of the essence for all moms, but especially for the Soccer Mom! She might also be the mom that is always cooking, baking, crafting, and Pinteresting. For her, we chose the Classy Lash!


Classy lash is the perfect magnetic lash style for mothers day!


Classy lash is a natural and subtle accent lash that adds volume without being overwhelming. It's the perfect lash for when she wants to add a touch of glam and amp up her look with little to no effort.




#3: New Mom Lash Mood

What magnetic lash style the new mom should wear!


Cheers to the New Mom! She's got a new bundle of joy and constantly has her hands full. Ever watched "What To Expect When You're Expecting?" It's the real deal (and a hilarious movie). Things can be really stressful for new moms, so we think it's so important to set aside a little time for her! Of course, we had to go with our Baby Lash for our New Moms because it matches the new, precious theme of her life perfectly!


Baby lash magnetic lash style makes the perfect Mother's Day gift for expecting or new mom!


Baby Lash is the perfect accent lash and will fit all different eye shapes! It will make her feel like a million bucks— even if she's got spit up on her shirt.


#4: Cool Mom Lash Mood

What magnetic lash style the cool mom should wear!


Remember Regina George's mom in Mean Girls? Yeah...we're thinking of her. She's fun, stylish, an amazing mom, and also an incredible friend! Because this mom-type isn't afraid to get down with her bad self, we've chosen the Baddy Lash!


Baddy Lash makes the perfect gift for moms who are considered Extra cool!


Baddy Lash is glam with a curl that will last all day! They will open up her eyes and enhance their size! Perfect for the mom that loves staying on-trend and going bold with her lash look!



#5: Sexy Mom Lash Mood

What magnetic lash style the soccer mom should wear!


Last, but certainly not least, we have the Sexy Mom! She's completely in touch with her feminine side and isn't afraid to show it, regardless of her "mom" title! Think Gloria from Modern Family. Obvi, the perfect lash for this hot mama is Sexy Lash!


Sexy Lash magnetic style is the perfect for the Sexy Mom!


This magnetic lash style is faux mink and will maintain their curl all day and night! Perfect for the Sexy Mom who loves pure drama on her eyes!



Of course, these were just our picks for a few of the mom personalities out there! But, we also have a ton of other lash styles that the mom in your life is sure to love, and would make the perfect Mother's Day gift! If you want to see some of the other lashes in our collection, go HERE!


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