When Thanksgiving rolls around, you might be thinking more about food than makeup. When you close your eyes, you probably see a table filled with your holiday food faves like stuffing and that topic secret family recipe no one eats. But Thanksgiving is also a great time to show off all those stunning, sultry fall makeup looks that you’ve been perfecting all season long. Who says you can’t pair your cranberry sauce with a glossy cranberry lip or let your glitter cut crease look shine brighter than grandma’s crystal?


Fall makeup looks you'll love with gorgeous bronze and gold eyeshadows and magnetic lashes.

Thanksgiving is sometimes the only time of year that entire families can sit down and enjoy a meal together. Traveling during Christmas can be a huge hassle, especially if there’s snow. It might be the sole occasion that everyone can take photos and make memories together. You’ll want to look nice for the family portraits. After dinner, anything’s fair game. Break out the makeup wipes, the scrunchies, and the sweatpants.


Thanksgiving Color Palettes


Thanksgiving’s natural color palette allows for fun and festive makeup play. Compare it to the color palettes of other holidays. Valentine’s day gives us pink and red. Christmas gives us green and red. Easter gives us pastels. Thanksgiving gives us almost every single color that occurs in nature, even the rarest shades of yellow and orange in the changing leaves.


Wifey Lash


Working with a Thanksgiving palette is both fun and easy. These are the same colors that many people love to wear all year, regardless of the holiday or the season. Plenty of the basics you already have will work well to create Thanksgiving looks, but far be it from us to tell you that you shouldn’t scoop up that new palette you’ve had your eye on. Treat yourself!


Warm And Rustic Orange


True fact about orange: it’s the most hated color. It has the boldness of red but without the sensual connotations. It has the sunniness of yellow but it isn’t quite that sunny. It’s stuck in a strange midpoint, just like the leaves that blanket the sidewalk on a crisp autumn morning. But we’re here to come to bat for orange eyeshadow in the fall.


Sassy Lash



Orange eyeshadow perfectly complements every eye color. It draws out amber hues in brown or hazel eyes. It sits across from blue and green on the color wheel, offsetting the shades and providing a beautiful contrast.


You won’t know how you’ll look in orange eyeshadow until you give it a fair shot. If you’re feeling a little less adventurous, you can always pick a shade of orange that’s a little closer to deep peach.


Try a deep tan shade in your crease and along your lower lash line. Then, pat your subdued orange shade over your entire eyelid. Come in with a soft light gold shade and lightly dab in from the inner corner towards the center of your eye. Using a deep cool-toned brown, add definition to the outer corner of the eye and the lash line.


It’s a very subtle way to mimic an autumn tree through your makeup. In an abstract way, your eye makeup will almost look like an autumn leaf hanging from a tree. The perfect complement to the motif is a lash that would serve as the metaphorical moss on that tree. The long, willowy, wispy silhouette of Baddy Lash will do just that.


Smoldering Smokey Copper


Copper eyeshadow doesn’t get enough credit. Most of us know when to reach for our gold and bronze shades, and we do it quite often. Copper is a bit bolder. It’s not red, it’s not orange, it’s not gold, and it’s not bronze. It’s a little severe in contrast to the pinky undertones of rose gold. 


Happy Lash



Copper is a strong choice for a statement eye-look around Thanksgiving time. If you’re the family drama queen, wear a dramatic copper smokey eye as your badge of honor.


While this look can be heavy on the bold, it’s surprisingly light on effort. Give this idea a spin: Start with a matte medium toned rusty brown shade. buff it all through the crease and all along the lower lash line. Take your time with a blending brush to really build a smokey circle. Apply a little more and blend again to take the intensity up another notch.


For a subtle all-over shimmer, you can press the copper eyeshadow directly onto your whole eyelid with a brush. If you want the copper to have a bold base, you can use a similar shade of liquid eyeshadow or a jumbo eyeshadow pencil first. You can even apply your creamy base with a concealer brush, cutting out a sharply defined line along your crease. Then, press the copper shadow into the base.


You can use a small amount of matte dark chocolate or black eyeshadow on the very outer corner of the eye, bringing it in a little towards the crease and smoking it out a little along the lower lash line for some added drama.


You’ve come this far, so you might as well commit. Go big or go home with the right lashes. Apply black magnetic liner in a large wing shape, and top your look off with the super glam Dolly Lash for additional drama. 


Just A Hint Of Cranberry


Many people find cranberry eyeshadow shades to be super glam, but they’re unsure of how to wear them. Any shades even vaguely resembling red are going to inevitably be a little tricky to wear in a conservative manner. If you like to keep your makeup mild-mannered around your family, but you still want to have a little fun, a subtle pop of cranberry should do the trick.




Ready to play with this shade? Try a matte shade that’s just a touch lighter than your skin tone. Apply it to your eyelid and the area beneath your brow bone. With a shade that’s just a few steps deeper, blend the outer crease of your eye, gently buffing the remnants of the color toward your inner corner. 


Then, use a shade that’s a few steps deeper, anywhere from medium brown to black, to add a little extra definition to the outer corner of your eye and the outer third of your waterline. Use a very small brush to pat a metallic cranberry shadow just beneath your lower lashes. The end result should be a perfectly sculpted neutral eye with just a tiny pop of cranberry.

A wispy accent lash like Foxy Lash will be your perfect match to accentuate the eye shape, elongating the outer corner. It will help to balance the bold cranberry shade and round out your look.


Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice



This shade leans a little more on the glam side. It’s colorful and captivating without being too dramatic. It’s not seductive to the point where it would look silly in family photos, but it’s not subtle enough to wear to work. It’s the ideal balance of gorgeous and appropriate.


Go for a matte warm rusty tan shade and use it to define your crease. Pull a little bit of it underneath your eye, blending it down a little lower than you usually might.


Money Lash


Then, choose a warm-toned chocolate brown shade and add another layer of dimension. This time, keep it closer to your crease. Don’t completely cover up your rust hue. Take the same shade on a small brush and push it up against your lower lashes, blending it again.


Play with a metallic orange, metallic peachy orange, or metallic copper on the inner half of your eyelid, depending on your mood. You can use your rusty tone on the outer half of your eyelid for a gentler contrast or your chocolate brown shade for a little more glam.


This eye look pairs perfectly with wispy and slightly dramatic lashes like Moody Lash. Moody will bring the length and the soft volume you need to keep your look beautifully balanced.


Yellow Fall Leaves


Have you been patiently waiting for the perfect time to try that mustard yellow eyeshadow? Today’s your lucky day! Mustard is a shade that can technically work during any season, but it’s easier to play with when Thanksgiving rolls around. It will likely match your typical attire, even if your style reads as a little avant-garde.


Happy Lash




Most people are afraid to use mustard shades because they don’t know what to pair them with. Don’t overthink it, this shade works well even as a subtle pop of color. Try this: start by applying and blending a caramel shade through your crease. You want that warm and yellowy undertone in your crease color to help pull the look together. You can also apply it along your lower lash line.


Apply your mustard shade to the inner half of your eyelid and a soft metallic bronze to the outer half of your eyelid. Blend the two together in the center very gently to ease the transition from shimmer to matte. If you feel like you need some extra definition in the outer corner, a medium chocolate brown should do the trick.

The lift and drama of Naughty Lash will work beautifully with this look. Since the volume of Naughty Lash builds up at the outer corner, it will emphasize the gradient of yellow to bronze.


Splurge On Shades This Season


If you’re planning ahead for Thanksgiving, you have plenty of time to try all these looks and see which one you like best. Try one for family thanksgiving and one for Friendsgiving if you can’t settle on a single look.


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