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    NEW Dramatic And Natural Lash Kit Unboxing!


    Today we're launching not one, but TWO magnetic eyelash kits, and we can't wait to show you! Say hello to the Dramatic Lash Kit and the Natural Lash Kit— both curated to give you endless looks with our easy-on, magnetic eyeliner system. Want to see everything that comes in these sets? Check out the unboxing below.

    Unboxing the natural lash kit and the dramatic lash kit to see how they compare! 

    You can check out the full unboxing video on YouTube below, or scroll down to see pictures of everything as well. 

    Natural Vs. Dramatic Lash Kits are perfect to level up your lash game in just minutes!

    What's fun about these two lash kits is that they are two totally different eyelash vibes. While our Natural Lash Kit is perfect for subtle lash enhancement, the Dramatic Lash Kit is everything you need for lashes that speak VOLUMES. We recommend trying them both out (obviously)!


    Unboxing the Natural Lash Kit

    Natural Lash Kit unboxing from MoxieLash with everything you need for gorgeous and natural looking lashes in just a few minutes!

    Curated to level up your natural lash look— the Natural Lash Kit is HERE! Get three of our most natural lash styles housed together along with our magnetic liner, and applicator. Enhance your natural lash look in just minutes! Plus, this kit is only $116 (get your before it sells out)!!

    In The Kit:

    • Classy Lash
    • Baby Lash
    • Cheeky Lash
    • Magnetic Eyeliner (full size)
    • Magnetic Applicator

    Price: $116 



    Get The Baby Lash Look

    Here is the Moxielash Baby Lash Kit from the Natural Lash Kit!

    Simple and versatile, Baby Lash is our most universal lash. It's a perfect accent lash for everyday wear. Just add Baby lash to any make-up look for a subtle yet beautiful pop.

    Baby Lash Customer Reviews

    "Perfect even if you are new to lashes. I've never worn fake lashes before, and these went on so easily. They have just the right amount of volume to give your eyes a subtle yet beautiful look." —Liz

    "Just the right whisper of flirty glam! Looking for a notch up in the glam factor from my beloved Classy Lash, I tried Baby Lash. These are perfect when I want a little extra. MoxieLash magnetic liner makes application a breeze. I'm 53, with thinning lashes. These give me back the lashes I had when I was younger. I feel gorgeous, and I love my lashes!" —Yvonne B.

    Get The Cheeky Lash Look

    Here is the Moxielash Cheeky Lash Kit from the Natural Lash Kit!

    The Cheeky Lash is the smallest accent lash we have as part of our OG collection. It's perfect for very small eyes & woman that like to lash incognito.

    Cheeky Lash Customer Reviews

    "These lashes are amazing! So fast and easy to apply. Perfect for daytime. Just the right length for beautiful everyday lashes." —Deanna N.

    "Love my lashes! I was a little skeptical about buying these lashes, but I have wanted to for quite a while, I finally decided it was time to try them, and I am so happy I did. They are so easy to apply, and they stay put all day, and they are so beautiful. I have already ordered another pair, and I will continue to keep buying them." — Judith V.

    Get The Classy Lash Look

    Here is the Moxielash Classy Lash Kit from the Natural Lash Kit!


    Small and Silk, the Classy lash is the perfect way to supplement your own lashes for a natural look. Wear them every day, all day, comfortably. This is a top pick for women with smaller eyes as it's not overwhelming but still adds some volume and fullness to your eyelash look.

     Classy Lash Customer Reviews

    "Amazing! I'm not the best at putting lashes on with glue. Once I put them on, they're either too wet, or are placed wrong, and get stuck to my eyelid. But these are absolutely amazing. I put my regular liner on and then go over it with the magnetic liner. I'll do my face as it dries, and the lashes attach so easily and perfectly every time! And they're easy to take off and replace them if need be. But they will not budge once you put them on. It was super windy here one day, and I was worried they would come off in the corners, but nope they stayed exactly where I placed them. I HIGHLY recommend these! I have the style classy!" —Christina B.

    "Classy lashes are just the perfect ones! I ordered the classy lashes, and at first, I thought they'd be too small, but they are perfect and so pretty! I have smaller eyes, and these are perfect!" —Annah R.

    Unboxing the Dramatic Lash Kit

    Dramatic Lash Kit unboxing from MoxieLash with everything you need for glam and dramatic looking lashes in just a few minutes!

    Our NEW Dramatic Lash Kit has everything you need to get a bold, stunning lash-look in only minutes! Get three dramatic lash styles housed together along with our magnetic liner, and applicator for only $139 (while supplies last). 

    In The Kit:

    • Sassy Lash
    • Money Lash
    • Bossy Lash
    • Magnetic Eyeliner (full size)
    • Magnetic Applicator

    Price $139


    Get the Sassy Lash Look

    Here is the Moxielash Sassy Lash Kit from the Natural Lash Kit!

    Sassy lash is our best-selling lash for a reason! Our most natural mink lash, Sassy, looks great on all eye shapes. When you're looking for a bit of luxury in your look, but don't want to go too dramatic or glam, Sassy is your perfect everyday choice.

    Sassy Lash Customer Reviews

    "Love them! A friend of mine showed her lashes, and they are always on point. She shared she got them from here, and I tried the kit and fell IN LOVE! They stay put even when windy. Can't wait to try the rest." —Stephanie B.

    "Superb! Simply love how simple it is to put on. So comfortable, and it stays despite windy days." —Charessa P.

    Get The Money Lash Look

    Here is the Moxielash Money Lash Kit from the Natural Lash Kit!

    The MoxieLash Money lash has a unique distribution of lashes to give it that full look expected from a name like "Money." Evenly distributed rather than cat-eye tapered, Money lash is ideal for adding more drama to big, beautiful eyes. Perfect for a girl who wants to make a statement. 

    Money Lash Customer Reviews

    "Perfect for date night! If this mama is going out, you best believe I am rocking these lashes! The perfect amount of drama!" —JoDee L.

    "Love the money lashes. I think the Money lashes are my favorite. they are full, and the band length fits my eyes perfectly without having to trim." —Jackie B.

    Get the Bossy Lash Look

    Here is the Moxielash Bossy Lash Kit from the Natural Lash Kit!

    Keep it bossy with our biggest lash in our 'OG collection.' The Bossy Lash was designed for large, beautiful eyes. While all of our lashes will garner a lot of attention and interest, the Bossy Lash will scream your presence across the room. Express your inner boss with the lash to bat.

    Bossy Lash Customer Reviews

    "AMAZING!!!! I have no problem using regular lashes with glue, but I was recently turned to magnetic lashes by my friend. I'm DEF hooked!!! So much easier, and my BOSSY lashes got so many compliments. Everyone wanted to know what kind of lashes I was wearing." —Jenifer M.

    "Nobody messes with the BOSS! I LOVE these lashes! They are so dramatic and beautiful, and just like a Boss, you command the attention of everyone in the room! I wore them New Year's Eve and got endless compliments. I think I said 'Moxie Lash" more than I said Happy New Year!" —Kathleen L.

    Perfect for yourself or as a gift for any occasion— make sure to get your Natural or Dramatic Lash Kit today! Our kits sell fast, so don't miss out! 

    If you need help figuring out what lash kit to get, contact us at info@moxielash.com! And, don't forget to buy your Natural Lash Kitand/or your Dramatic Lash Kitbefore they are gone!

    Get Your Natural Lash Kit HERE

    Get Your Dramatic Lash Kit HERE



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