NEW: Happy Lash Magnetic Eyelash

It's finally here! Meet the Happy Lash—our newest MOXIELASH Magnetic Eyelash mood, that will add some good vibes to your everyday beauty routine. Simple enough for everyday, but glam enough to make a statement, the Happy lash is the perfect go-to lash. Let's dive into more about our newest member of the MoxieFam.


Our new mood-boosting happy lash is here! Gorgeous for a long, full, and 3D lash look.

Why Happy?

Our NEW Happy Lash is the perfect lash for every day, or for a glam night out.


We carry all of your most exciting moods in lash form.


Feeling Boujie? We have a lash for that. Want a sexier lash look? We have that too. If you want to express your more refined side, our Money Lash has you covered.


And now, our newest lash is for your most frequent mood—happiness. To bring more happiness into your life, you need to put out the right vibes—aka, Happy Lash. 

Our Happy Lash

Our new Happy Lash is perfect for the girl who want a 3D lash look.


It's here—meet our Happy Lash. Our brand new lash is ready to make itself a permanent fixture in your everyday routine. Just like all of our MoxieLashes, our Happy Lash is magnetic, making it easier than ever to apply and go.


All of our Magnetic Lashes are based on moods, and when you're wearing this lash, you'll exude happiness. This lash has varying lengths across the band, giving your eyes a bright and welcoming look. Curled to open, the Happy Lash enhances any eye, sending good vibes.


If you have almond or hooded eyes, this lash will really help you take your look to the next level On the Happy Lash, we've added varying lengths of lashes across the band to give that 3D ultra-voluminous lash-look that opens and creates big beautiful eyes on every shape.


How to Apply the Happy Magnetic Lash


Applying magnetic lashes is as easy as it gets—no more glue, no more waiting.


Here's how it works:


Step 1: Apply MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner

Our Moxie liner is made with magnetic properties inside, so all you have to do is swipe and stick on your lashes. If you like a wing, a simple line, or maybe something more dramatic, the precision tip pen makes it easy to create precise lines. When you are applying your liner, make sure it is as close to the lash line as possible. This helps create the most natural look with any MoxieLash style.

Step 2: Perform the "Dry Test"

You want to make sure that the magnetic liner is completely dry before applying the lash—about 3-4 minutes. To be sure your magnetic liner is completely dry, give your lash line a bit of a tap with your finger. If there is no liner residue on your finger or if there is no smudging, you're ready to go.

Step 3: Apply and Enjoy!

It's go time. Gently remove your Happy Lash from the box and pop it onto your liner—that's it. The lash will click on instantly.


Watch Us Unbox Happy Lash!

Get Your Happy Lash Now!

We create lashes based on every mood of yours. That's why we're so excited to finally welcome the Happy Lash to the MoxieFam. Show off your happiness now by adding these lashes to your everyday routine now!


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308 Reviews




308 Reviews