NEW Holiday Glam Kit Makeup Look Tutorial!

Today we will be doing a Holiday Makeup Tutorial featuring our brand new Holiday Glam Kitwith 3 magnetic lashes. The lashes in the Holiday Glam Kit are the Money Magnetic Lash, the Bossy Magnetic Lash, and the Boujie Magnetic Lash. This Holiday Makeup tutorial will be featuring the Boujie Lash.

 MoxieLash Holiday Glam Makeup Tutorial Featuring the Boujie Magnetic Eyelash!

 What's In The Holiday Glam Kit 

Here is the Holiday Glam Kit from MoxieLash and it includes three dramatic magnetic lashes, magnetic eyeliner, and more!


The Holiday Glam Kit has everything you need to get a custom lash look for every  event! It's also the perfect gift for the holiday season to wrap up and place under the tree. Housed in a custom box that comes with a mirror and a reminder to "Level up your lash game,"  this is the perfect gift for the person in your life that loves lashes. Limited quantities available! 

Price: $139 


  • 1 ‘Money Lash’ magnetic lash set
  • 1 ‘Bossy Lash’ magnetic lash set
  • 1 'Boujie Lash' magnetic lash set
  • 1 Original black magnetic liquid eyeliner
  • 1 Magnetic applicator


Money Lash Up-Close

Here is the Money Lash that is in the MoxieLash Glam Kit for the Holidays.

Here you can see how to wear the Money Magnetic Eyelash.

The MoxieLash Money lash is perfect for adding drama to create the look of big and beautiful eyes. It has evenly distributed lashes that give a full and bold look expected from a name like "money." Perfect for your holiday parties to make a statement, and included in The Holiday Glam Kit



Bossy Lash Up-Close

Bossy Lash in the MoxieLash Holiday Glam Kit Limited Edition.

Holiday glam kit featuring the Bossy Magnetic Eyelash from MoxieLash

The Bossy Lash is the biggest lash in our 'OG collection.' It is designed to give you the look of large, beautiful eyes that grab lots of attention. Included in our Holiday Glam Kit, the Bossy Lash will scream your presence at every holiday party.



Boujie Lash Up-Close

The Boujie magnetic eyelash is included in the Holiday Glam Kit for big bold eyes!The Boujie Magnetic Eyelash from MoxieLash gives a gorgeous holiday look and is included in the Holiday Glam Kit.

Perfect for your most glam holiday event, or even New Years Eve, the Boujie Lash is full of drama and included in the Holiday Glam Kit. This lash is curled to open up your eyes and is perfect for Deep-set and Almond eyes.



The Holiday Glam Kit Makeup Tutorial Featuring Boujie Lash

Now that you have an up-close view of each of the lashes included in the Limited Edition Holiday Glam Kit— let's show you how to get an easy holiday look. Our focus for this makeup look is simple: lashes. 

Step one for this simple Holiday Glam Makeup Look featuring the Boujie Lash in the Holiday Glam Kit.

First, you are going to prime your eyelids, and then add a shimmery white or nude shade in the corner of your eyes and your entire eyelid. If you have a powder highlighter, you can use that as well.

MoxieLash makeup tutorial featuring the Holiday Glam Kit and how to get the perfect eye look for your Christmas parties.

Now that you have your eyeshadow is complete, you are going to want to grab your full-size MoxieLash Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner that is included in the Holiday Glam Kit. To apply your liner, just glide it along your lash line and add a double layer. You want to wait two minutes, or until your liner is completely dry before you apply your MoxieLash Magnetic Eyelashes.

So, while you wait, we suggest adding your mascara, touching up your lipgloss, and maybe adding some blush.

Here is what the Boujie Lash looks like in this makeup tutorial featuring the Moxielash Holiday Glam Kit.


Finished Holiday Glam Makeup Look

Here's the finished Holiday Glam Kit Makeup Look featuring the Holiday Glam Kit.

Watch This Holiday Glam Youtube Tutorial Featuring the Holiday Glam Kit!



Get your Holiday Glam Kit while it is still available! And as always, if you have any questions at all, we are here to help! Contact us at and we'll gladly connect with you.

Happy Holidays!



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