We've mastered the art of magnetic lashes  with our 10MAG lash band, brown lashes, silk lashes, and our proprietary magnetic liner. But today, we're sharing with you what's next in beauty, and we invented it (obviously)! Introducing our newest innovation and the first of its kind — Magnetic Eyebrows. With three shapes to choose from, you can instantly Level Up Your Brow Game for the perfect design every time. Plus, you can even "try before you buy" with our brow filter available on IG to see which magnetic brow design suits you best. 

Ready for a closer look? Keep reading to learn about each brow shape and how MoxieLash Magnetic Eyebrows work. 

Say Goodbye to MicroBlading, Brow Pencils, and Your Waxing Tech

We've created a way to have the perfect brow shape without pain and the annoyance of penciling in your eyebrows every-single-day. With our new Magnetic Eyebrows, you can instantly get your dream brow look in a snap. Plus, you'll not only get your best shape, but you'll also save loads of cash. With MoxieLash Magnetic Brows, you'll get up to 1,000,000,000+ uses with each pair! Talk about value; we're here for you. 

How to Apply Magnetic Eyebrows:

  1. Take your MoxieLash Magnetic Liner and make one straight line across your brow hairs. No need to be precise. You'll be covering it all up anyway. 
  2. Let your liner dry for a few minutes. During this time, you can do a little dance…make a little…anyways. Just wait the full three minutes. 
  3. Now that your liner is dry, you can attach your brow shape. Just remove it from the packaging and place it where your brow shape is already. 
  4. If you don't get it perfect the first time, no stress! You can always lift the outside corner and readjust your placement. 
  5. It's that easy! 

Choose Your Brow Shape For Instant Magnetic Attraction

All three of our brow shapes are unique and will frame your eyes to perfection. Choose from an iconic IG brow from the early 1900s to one that's totally Schitty. Ready to find your perfect match? Take a look and get yours before they sell out (limited inventory available). 

The B&E Kit

Burt & Ernie makeup

Wear the brows that will get you noticed with our B&E Kit - inspired by your childhood friends, Burt & Ernie. It comes with a single unibrow that instantly shows the power of connection when one side reaches out to another for unity. 

Warning: Due to the shape and size, this brow shape may be mistaken for that of a furry friend. To avoid mistaken identity that can result in stomping and smashing, please put your brow back into the container it came in for safekeeping.  

The Artist Kit

Try the Frida Magnetic Eyebrow from MoxieLash.

If Frida had an IG account back in the 1900s, we know for a fact that her brows would be trending. Now, you can get on her level with The Artist Kit, featuring Magnetic Brows inspired by Mexico's greatest artist. 

The Schitt's Kit

Schitt's creek and Danny Levy magnetic brows from MoxieLash.

For an "Ewww, David" reaction, get The Schitt’s Magnetic Brow Kit! Complete with two full and bushy, comma-shaped-brows, you'll instantly channel that ex-billionaire turned run-down hotel owner vibe, in a snap. 

Get Your Magnetic Brow Shape!

Actually, don’t because...SURPRISE, we April fooled ya! Take 20% off your ENTIRE purchase with the code APRILFOOLS20 at checkout for today only (4/1/2021). And, we hope you got a good laugh.