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    NEW MoxieLash Liner Collection Kit


    We just launched our new MoxieLash Liner Collection Kit, and it's filled with our most wanted magnetic liners! This kit comes with 1 Magnetic Gel Eyeliner and brush, 2 full size Magnetic Liquid Eyeliners and 1 Mini Liquid Liner for only $136 (a $160 value). So, whether you want that sleek liner look, or want the ease of a gel liner and brush— the good news is you have options! 

    Check out our NEW MoxieLash Magnetic Liner Collection Kit with everything you need for a flawless lash application in minutes!

    All of our Magnetic Eyeliner formulas have one goal: to lock in magnetic lashes in just minutes! They are all water-resistant and super-hold your magnetic lashes into place with a dose of magnetism. Plus, the MoxieLash Magnetic Eyelashes all have tiny magnets on the lash band to ensure that they stay put throughout the day no matter what you have going on (hello wind tunnel and hot yoga).

    About the MoxieLash Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner

    The MoxieLash Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner is included in the Liner Collection Kit!

    Our Liquid Eyeliner is perfect for creating a tight liner look, cat, eye, and anything super sleek. Because the brush tip is so fine, and the formula has a tiny bit of sheen to it, giving you that "classic" look every time. If you want to learn magnetic liquid eyeliner tips and tricks, check out this article HERE

    Also included in this kit is our Mini Magnetic Liner. It is the exact same as the full-size liquid liner…just "pocket-friendly." You can take it anywhere— throw it in your purse, keep it in your office drawer, or your significant others house where your drawer of "things" are. 

    About the MoxieLash Gel Eyeliner

    Here is the MoxieLash Magnetic Gel Eyeliner included in the Liner Collection Kit!

    The first time you use the MoxieLash Gel Eyeliner, you will be surprised at how easy it is to apply! Made to be creamy— you can dip your liner brush into the formula and glide it along your lash-line like a breeze. It dries to a matte finish for an everyday or smoky liner look. 

    Why Do You Need ALL Of These Liners?

    Here is why you need the Liner Collection Kit from MoxieLash with our Gel and Liquid liners.

     Good question. But really, who doesn't like savings? You get about a 20% savings when you buy the Liner Collection Kit. And, different moods equals different eyeliner looks…right? So, why not have a mini arsenal of liner faves on hand? One day use the Liquid, and the next, go Gel! Keep your Mini Liner by your side for touch-ups or a sudden desire to pop on some magnetic lashes when you're on-the-go. 

    Check Out The Reviews Of Our Magnetic Eyeliners!

    Want to see why our Magnetic Eyeliners are customer favorites? Check out these reviews and why this kit is perfect for you!

    Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner Reviews

    Easy Peasy! "I love it!! So easy to put on. I only used one coat and they just snapped right on. Took about 75 seconds total process. By the way, I never wear makeup or fake lashes. I've had extensions a few times, but by the 2nd day, I was missing several lashes. I left the liner a little tacky because the lashes I used were kind of thick and I also read reviews stating to do so. It worked and everything went perfect. I honestly don't want to use anything else. Not even professional lash extensions." April R.

    Liquid liner and lashes! "I really can't express how amazing this product is! I wore extensions for the longest and got so tired of going in to get my lashes done. Moxie Lash has been a godsend! I can pop then on and off when I want and I feel totally fab in them. I'm not a makeup artist, so normal lashes with glue are hard for me to put in. This is so easy and it WORKS! Thanks, MoxieLash!!" — Krystal p.

    This stuff is GREAT!!! "I already use magnetic lashes, but this magnetic liner makes it that much easier!" — Lisa P.

    Magnetic Gel Eyeliner Reviews

    Gel eyeliner! "Perfect for me because I can't draw a straight line." — Diana B.

    Ladies & Queens...This is A Game Changer! "I tried the $20 stuff off Amazon, and it didn't compare to this at all. I even tried the new Ardell gel liner and its not close either. I never wear falsies but this is so simple and you can feel the magnet grip holding it in place. I feel confident leaving the house in comparison to the other brands. This is complete game changer for me. I love this stuff!!" — Danielle G.

    Goes on smooth! "I knew my hand would be steadier with the brush and gel eyeliner. Love it - easy to use, goes on smooth, dries quickly, and stays put all day/night." — Pam H. 

    Get your Liner Collection Kit today! If you have questions, send us an email at info@moxielash.com!



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