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    Fresh New MoxieLash Products: eyeliners, lashes, and more!


    Have you seen all of the fresh new MoxieLash products we've launched in June and July? We've got colorful magnetic eyeliners, a makeup remover, and even the happiest lash style we've ever created! All of them have been HOT—and not just because it's summer. Check out all our new obsession-worthy products below! 


     Best new products from MoxieLash!

    NEW Happy Magnetic Lash Style!


    MoxieLash just launched a new magnetic lash called Happy Lash! It's a mid-glam lash style that mimics the look of lash extensions.


    Get this gorgeous full and flirty magnetic lash style from MoxieLash!


    Like the look of lash extensions? Get Happy Lash. Made with Mink, and handcrafted with evenly distributed lashes to open and enhance your eye shape with 3D volume, and curl. Perfect for all eye shapes, but especially Almond and Hooded eyes. Customizable for smaller eyes with lash trimming. 


    You can check out how to customize and trim your magnetic lash-style the right way, HERE!




    Happy Lash Review


    Happy Magnetic Eyelash style is perfect for creating big, beautiful eyes!


    "I missed my lash extensions and decided to give these a try. Happy is lightweight, super easy to apply, and they stayed on all day in this AZ heat."



    Happy Lash Makeup Tutorial



    Want to watch this makeup tutorial featuring Happy Lash? Watch it below! 






    NEW Mini Colored Liners

     Reviews from mini colored eyeliner collection!


    We launched four brand new Mini Colored Liquid Eyeliners that give a pop of color and enhance your eye color too! With the soft neon Azul, the vibrant-bold of Amethyst, and the tropical vibes of Magenta and Olive, our Colored Liners deliver a super-smooth and vibrant liner look with cat-eye precision. 



    Colored Eyeliner Review


    Colored magnetic eyeliner enhances the look of your eye color in just minutes! Plus, holds on magnetic lashes too.


    "I ordered All the colors because I've had nothing but beautiful success with MoxieLash! I initially feared that the lashes would stand out as obviously fake against the colored liner, but that has not been my experience. Somehow, they blended in beautifully. The colors are vibrant, and the magnetic hold as good as their black liner, which is perfection. It has held up for hours in almost 90-degree heat and near 100% humidity. Unreal." —Mysha


    Colored Eyeliner Swatches



    Check out how gorgeous our new colored eyeliners look up-close! You can also see how to enhance your eye color with colored liners in this blog post, HERE!




    NEW All In One Makeup Remover


    New all in one makeup remover!


    For those of you who want it all—our NEW makeup remover is for you! Infused with hyaluronic acid and castor oil for a boost of hydration and glow, our powerful, no-rinse makeup remover gently erases waterproof and long-wear makeup without stripping the skin of natural moisture.


    All In One Makeup Remover Review


    Check out these three new products your going to love from moxielash!


    "Huge help! Love this!! Leaves my eyes feeling conditioned" —Caroline


    All In 1 Makeup Remover Tutorial



    Learn how to use our new makeup remover to clean off your magnetic eyeliner and remove magnetic eyeliner build-up on your lashes! 




    If you have any questions about these new products, make sure to reach out to us at support@moxielash.com! We're always available to help you choose the best products for you! 




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