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NEW Wedding and Accent Magnetic Lash Kits

NEW Wedding and Accent Magnetic Lash Kits

Stop everything—our new Wedding and Accent Magnetic Eyelash Kits have just arrived, and they are jaw-dropping. Experience two gorgeous lash sets that house a curated trio of lashes ranging from ultra-natural to mid-level glam. Each unique collection includes a Black Magnetic Eyeliner and Lash Applicator that makes getting your dream lash look a total breeze. Want to find out more about your next lash kit? Read on.

 Wedding and Accent Kit Unboxing Video


Get an up-close look at each lash style as Anne shows us exactly what's inside the two new lash kits. Oh, and by the way, one of them has a magnetic eyelash that's never been seen before. You're going to be obsessed…


All About The Wedding Kit

 The perfect magnetic eyelash kit for the bridal party.


Something borrowed, something blue, here's our Wedding Kit debut. Perfect for the bride or the bridal party, and featuring our most wanted lash styles for walking down the aisle: Classy, Wifey, and Happy. Get three easy-on lash looks that range from fluttery and ultra-natural, to voluminous and full.

 *Get this for yourself, for the bride, or as a bridal party gift. 


The Wedding Kit Includes


  • 1 Classy Lash: Silk, small, and adds subtle volume and length.
  • 1 Happy Lash: Silk, voluminous, and mimics the look of lash extensions.
  • 1 Wifey Lash: Silk, mid-level, tapered volume, and length.
  • 1 Black Magnetic Eyeliner
  • 1 Applicator

Wedding Kit Lash Try On

Classy magnetic lash style is a natural false eyelash that is also in the Wedding Lash Kit.


The Wifey Lash is a tapered and natural lash style that is featured in the Wedding Lash Kit.


Happy Lash style perfect for a fluffy lash look and is also found in the wedding kit.


 Price: $135



All About The Accent Kit

 The perfect magnetic lash kit for those who like a gorgeous accent lash.


Lift, enhance, and highlight your eye's natural beauty with the Accent Magnetic Lash Kit. Featuring three cute and dainty, silk and mink lash styles with flawless outer edge flair. Cheeky, Baby, and Foxy accent magnetic lashes will instantly add a pretty pop of length, wisp, and volume to your eye shape. 





  • 1 Cheeky Lash: Silk and our smallest accent lash in length and volume.
  • 1 Baby Lash: Silk with mid-level volume and length.
  • 1 Foxy Lash (NEW): Mink and designed with crisscrossed and fluttery lash layers.
  • 1 Magnetic Eyeliner
  • 1 Applicator

Accent Kit Lash Try On

Wearing Cheeky Lash from MoxieLash Accent Kit.


Baby Lash Magnetic Lash style in included in the MoxieLash Accent Kit.


Foxy magnetic lash style from the Accent Kit.


Price: $135

Stacking Wedding and Accent Kits


You know how we like to stack up our lash styles? These kits make it so easy to do. Get both kits, and you'll have tons of lash-stack combos to play with. 


How does stacking your lashes work? Just apply your MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner, let it dry for three minutes, then pop on a full strip magnetic lash style (anything from Wedding Kit). Once your favorite lash is secured, select either another full strip lash or an accent lash and lay it over the top focusing on the outside corner. The second lash will instantly magnetize to the other lash style. You can watch a full tutorial HERE


Lash Stack Combos:


The first lash mentioned is the one that you want to lay down first. 


Combination 1: Happy Lash + Classy Lash


Combination 2: Wifey Lash + Classy Lash


Combination 3: Happy Lash + Wifey Lash


Combination 4: Classy Lash + Cheeky Lash


Combination 5: Happy Lash + Baby Lash


Combination 6: Happy Lash + Foxy Lash


Combination 7: Wifey Lash + Baby Lash


Combination 8: Wifey Lash + Cheeky Lash


Combination 9: Wifey Lash + Foxy Lash


Should You Buy Wedding Kit or Accent Kit?


Honestly, you won't regret either! Both magnetic lash kits include gorgeous lash styles that are wearable for every day. Plus, they both come with our iconic Black Magnetic Eyeliner for an almost instant lash application. 


However, if you prefer an extremely subtle lash look, the Accent Kit will be your jam. If you want a variety of ultra-natural to mid-glam lashes that can be worn dressed up or dressed down, you might be a Wedding Kit kind of gal. Either way, they are both stunning combinations, all encased in pretty little boxes perfect for storage or travel. 


P.S—Check out the other new kits that we recently launched—you'll be equally as obsessed!

  1. Wifey and Naughty Kits
  2. Happy Kit and Sassy Kit 


If you have questions, reach out to us at





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