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    No Foundation Summer Makeup Look

    Somewhere along the way, we were told to have a flawless complexion, we needed to layer up with pigment-packed foundation. We’re here to argue that narrative—it simply isn’t true! In fact, we fully believe your skin is beautiful with all of its uniqueness no-matter-what. This summer, give your skin the break it needs and forgo your favorite foundation, all together, with this bronzed and glowing, no-foundation summer makeup look!


    Get the look with this no foundation summer makeup tutorial!

    Step 1: Hydration is Key

     First, you want to apply foundation for your no summer makeup look.


    To maximize your no-foundation summer look, your skin needs a drink! To double your efforts and glow, use a hydrating primer and then layer on your SPF for sun protection for fresh and ultra hydrated skin.


    Step 2: Intentional Concealing

     Then apply concealer to the right places on your face.


    If you want to brighten your face, you will need a concealer. But here’s the thing—we want to minimize how much is used…so we’ll coin this “intentional concealing.” Your goal is to bring light to areas of the face that tend to have darkness (e.i. under eyes, eyelids, smile lines, side of nose, and brow furrows). So, grab a concealer that is half a shade lighter than your foundation color and apply it to those targeted areas with a concealer brush.



    Step 3: Bronze and Sculpt

     Sculpt your face with a bronzing stick for added glow.


    Grab a cream bronzer that is in stick form, rather than compact. You’re going to want to apply it along the perimeter of your face, starting at your forehead, under your cheekbones, and finally, your jaw line. A way to remember this sculpting technique is to pretend you are writing the letter three. You can also apply your bronzing stick down the sides of your nose, too. When you are finished, grab a flat blending brush or your Beauty Blender and blend-it-out. 


    Now that you’ve applied your cream bronzer, you need to set it with a bronzing powder. Gently sweep it along the same area you applied the bronzing stick. 

    Note: You should not see any bronzer lines once you are finished.



    Step 5: Color POP

     Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks!


    Does blush make your heart skip up a beat, like it does to us? Adding a pop of color to your cheeks helps bring your whole no-foundation summer makeup look together. Just grab your summer inspired powder blush and blend it onto the apples of your cheeks. 



    Step 6: A Touch of Highlight 

    Apply highlighter above your brow bone. 

    Next, you’re going to need your highlighter. We recommend staying away from sparkle and using something that has finely milled highlighting powder (or cream), for the ultimate glow factor. Dip your highlighting brush into your highlighter and apply it above your cheekbones. 


    Step 7: Ready. Set. Glow.

     Now, apply a translucent powder to your skin.

    Apply a translucent setting powder to your eyelids, around the eyes, and anywhere on your face that tends to get oily. 


    Step 8: Summer Brow Power

    Make sure that your eyebrows are shaped for this natural, no summer makeup look.  

    Bad brows make a good makeup…look bad. So, don’t skip this step—it’s essential. 


    Here’s how to do it: Find and mark the beginning of your eyebrows by holding your brow pencil vertically next to each nostril. This is where you want your eyebrows to begin.


    Now, keeping your brow pencil next to your nostril, pivot the end to the outside of your iris. This is where your arch should be—mark this spot as well. 


    To find where the end of your eyebrow should be, pivot your pencil again until it lines up with the outside of your eye and mark it.


    Now, gently begin to fill in your brows with tiny strokes going in the same direction as your natural eyebrow hairs. 


    Step 8: Lash-Up Your Summer Makeup Look

     Apply your brown magnetic liquid eyeliner.


    Now, apply your Wifey Magnetic Lash style from MOXIELASH.


    Now that your skin is glowing from the inside out, it’s time to apply your Magnetic Eyelashes! Simply line your lash line with the Brown Magnetic Eyeliner, let it dry for three minutes, and then apply the Wifey Magnetic Eyelash style. 


    Step 9: A Bright Kiss

     Now, apply a bright pink lipstick to pull the entire look together.


    Nothing says summer more than bright, colorful, and poppy lipstick! Here, we are using a hot pink color, but, of course, lipstick is a personal thing. You do you. 





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